David Orchard makes the choice

David Orchard makes the choice

FTLComm - Tisdale - Wednesday - June 7, 2006

You know some choices are not all that hard to make, so often in life and especially in politics the really important decisions are sometimes the only logical choices to make.

David Orchard is an honest to goodness Saskatchewan guy keeps the tradition of real Saskatchewan guys when it comes to having idealistic opinions and being willing to stand up for those opinions. Like so many of us baby boomers David Orchard recognised both the flaws but also the sensible common sense of John Diefenbaker, who I am certain were he alive today would have no choice but to make the same decision Mr. Orchard has made.

The convictions of a large number of us are such that we believe in the fundamental goodness of most people and we believe that government should do the right thing by its people, not a front for big business but what is good for the people of the country and the land on which they live. That means that David Orchard opposes Free Trade and because of that was at odds with the hard nosed Mulroney type Tories. He is a staunch nationalist like John Diefenbaker and does not consider it seemly for our country to jump to every whim of the Americans. He opposes war as a peaceful man and is a major advocate of doing something about conserving the environment.

Oddly enough all of those convictions are completely at odds with the political party that snuffed out the Progressive Conservative party and now governs the country as the Conservative Party.

So what is a good man to do? There is no point in trying to start your own political party when you discover that within the Liberal party of Canada there are a lot of people who believe just as strongly in those same principles as you so at the time of the election David Orchard endorsed the local Liberal and bought a Liberal membership.

A lot of Canadians, within the Liberal Party and those who supported the idealistic Mr. Orchard in his bid for leadership of the Progressive Conservative party still support David Orchard and what he stands for. But to become leader of a party, to become an idealistic prime minister of a country means that you need money, a lot of money.

So if you happen to share the values that David Orchard has written about and campaigned for in twenty-eight meetings across the country in the last few months you can be a part of a grass roots movement. Buy a Liberal membership before the deadline closes on June 30th, send David Orchard some money and give the guy the kind of support that thinking idealistic man deserves.


Timothy W. Shire



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