Taking Stock of Day

FTLComm - Tisdale - May 1, 2001

I don't
think so

I am certain most would agree that this is not a pretty sight. The Canadian Alliance, the party Preston Manning confidently established to "Unite the Right" did not select Preston as its leader but took the Alberta Minister of Finance to its bosom and set him before the Canadian public as their alternative to the government. But alas Jean Chretien has been in politics almost as long as Stockwell Day has been Stockwell Day and before the new leader had a chance to even put his leadership smile in place Jean called an election and the Canadian voter, especially the ones who matter, those living in Ontario said, "I don't think so!"




Those Canadian Alliance hopefuls who had selected this clean looking, aggressive Holy Roller as their leader were sorely disappointed, they had the possibility of forming the government of Canada within sight and alas their man must be the reason for their disappointment. Surely it was he who prevented them from getting cabinet positions and deciding where the government money should go but here they are perhaps even further from the goal then when they used to call themselves Reformers and all they hear is how Jean Chretien continued to send tax payer's money to Quebec.



more to
a country

Yesterday I got three cheques, refunds from revenue Canada for GST returns and I was joking that Jean must know that I live in Tisdale right near the Tisdale Golf course. Albeit I live on the other side of town and the golf course is a public course, still it makes the point that Shawinigan gets more than its fair share of Government money. But Canadian voters, and Canadian Alliance members are convinced that there is more to running a country than the affairs of the Grand Mere Hotel. Their leader was off hiring private detectives he said he met then said "no" he never met the guy and criticising federal judges after having just got himself out of a scrape in Alberta over criticising a lawyer for representing a client who was accused of being involved in child pornography.



crimes and misdemeanors

Stockwell Day's crimes and misdemeanors had reached the limit and the Honourable Deborah Gray, they lady who was the temporary leader of the party while others ran for its leadership stepped away from the Day world of confusion.



to the

When John Diefenbaker was attacked by his own people in the fall of 1962 it was low lifes like George Hees and Dalton Camp who both held their allegiance to the folks in United States and they turned on their man. People have compared that event to this activity in the Canadian Alliance and there is no comparison. Diefenbaker was gunned down by the Eastern leadership of his party because of his Nationalistic position, Day's leadership is in question because he is unable or unwilling to use his caucus and associates to formulate action and appear to the Canadian public as an alternative to the Government.




Now to shore up his party which is total disarray Stockwell Day is resorting to authority to enforce his will on the party members who sit in parliament. By doing so he weakens his position even more and is all but finished. He might as well jump on his jetski and head for Edmonton because his influence in Ottawa is well below the hot dog vendors on the street corners.



Game over

With little or no experience in leadership Stockwell Day relied upon himself, opps, big mistake. Power of a leader comes from recognising where your supports want to go and recommending you go there. But there is another factor, Parliament is a place for professionals, Jean Chrtien, Sheila Copps, Joe Clark, Deborah Gray, amateurs can learn, in time, how to play the game, but they do so by listening, and paying close attention to the subtlest of moves, Stockwell Day had neither the time or ability to benefit from the pros and his disappointed followers who had chanted his amazing ability were demanding he be as good as the experienced pros and that just can not be the case. Game over.

By: Timothy W. Shire