Total Lunar eclipse

White Rock B.C. - Wednesday, February 20, 2008- by: Brian Marlatt
  February 20th will see a Total Eclipse of the Moon. In August 2005 I took photos of the last Lunar Total Eclipse visible in Canada. It was a clear night, fortunately, and I used my digital camera equipped binoculars rather than a standard digital camera.


Brian Marlatt

Editor's note:

Tonight's total lunar eclipse will begin here in Saskatchewan at about 9:00 and continue through until midnight tonight. Environment Canada is predicting pretty good sky conditions for Saskatchewan this evening so you have a good chance of seeing this phenomena of the earth's shadow passing across the face of the moon. Many scientists are predicting that this eclipse will see the moon turn red. At first the moon will appear to turn yellowish and then appear blood red, rusty or grey cause by atmospheric conditions here around earth.

This eclipse will be visible across Western Europe, northwest Africa and the eastern half of North America.

It is important to note that the moon will be in front of the constellation Leo during the eclipse and the bright object to the left of the moon is Saturn while the bright object to the right is the star Regulus.

Check out the complete story on this eclipse in the Reuter's news service story.



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