Telling A Story With Pictures

FTLComm - Winnipeg, Sunday, July 7, 2002

Each and every day I put together some story using a combination of pictures and words to explain or tell about something. Though the process seems fairly straight-forward the medium is really the thing.

The kind of material you craft for a paper publication, something that a reader can pick up and carry around, view, review and run their hands over is clearly demanding of a specific kind of image and a specific kind of text.

So it is that this medium, the web page requires specific sorts of material, the images can tell the story, the text support it and together they present to the viewer a compound thought that allows construction of the idea.

But video, the idea of a fixed moment in time, the text in a spoken audio format present whole new issues and yestereday and today we have been putting a project together, we first shaped the text for spoken word and recorded that, now we are crafting images to enhance the spoken word and move ideas from our minds to the viewer.

Sorry but I got to go and get more done, will tell you more about the process another day.

Timothy W. Shire