British Columbia privatizes the Coquihalla Highway

Kamloops - Saturday, June 7, 2003 by: Michael Townsend
The people of B.C. have minted some new currency to be used in our fearsome province.
The Liberals, in their ever desperate search for new money, have decided to privatize the 'Coquihalla Highway'.
From what I can gather, the toll was first introduced to pay for the rush to complete the road by the opening of Expo '86. All subsequent governments have at least not raised the initial $10.00 fee. (Hey, the WW I has been over for some time but we still pay federal income tax.) That is before our 'Mai Tai' drunk premier decided that the 'heartland', with its small voting block, small 'Liberal' voting bloc, could finance the new Whistler highway needed for the as yet none existent 2010 Olympic Winter games. Another mega event in the lower mainland, another sucking away of the life blood of the interior. Victoria sees us, much as Ottawa sees BC, like the USA sees Canada.
This new 55 year lease would see an increase to $13 right way and then raised to whatever the new owners could gouge.

Mike Townsend

Coquihalla Rates and Information web site
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