Good weekend for movies

FTLComm - Tisdale - Thursday, March 1, 2007

Unfortunately there are a lot of weekends when the movies available in our area are a little bit to selective for my taste but this weekend is an exception.

All four movies showing in Tisdale, Melfort and Porcupine Plain have outstanding rerviews (three out of four stars) and two were nominated for Academy awards.

In Tisdale showing Friday, Saturday, Sunday and Monday nights is the musical based on the remarkable development of music in Detroit in the late 1960s and the birth of the Supremes. This picture won two Academy awards including Best Supporting actress for the first time movie star Jennifer Hudson. It also stars Eddy Murphy, Jamie Fox and the enormously talented Byonce Knowles. Tisdale's Falkon Theatre will contribute half of the receipts toward Tisdale's Legacy project that will see the main street completed this summer.

In Melfort are two really superior movies. Bridge to Terabithia is based on an award winning children's novel and the reviewer claims the movie is as good as the book. This is not just a children's movie but will appeal to the whole family. (To see the reviews on each of the movies just click on the picture on the right)

Also showing in Melfort is a romantic comedy with Hugh Grant and Drew Barrymore. Almost the perfect date movie with loads of talent in the two principles and an all rounded delightful movie.

In Porcupine Plain its the movie that Will Smith (the Prince of Belle Aire) who has done a lot of good movies in the past including one for which he was nominated for an Oscar got his second nomination for this movie based on the true story of a guy who went from being a homeless man to a multi-millionaire. Reviewers claim that this movie declares Smith as a great actor. He shares the screen with his real life son.



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