Shooters Goes Dancing

FTLComm . Tisdale - February 10, 2001
Shooters is making changes to their business as they shift with their customers and become the premier Tisdale night club.

With Stoneys in Melfort and Shooters in Tisdale moving entertainment into commercial shopping malls was a big move. Both locations catered to the young and old alike who wanted to play pool. As time has moved on (three years since both businesses began operating) the customers and their interests have changed. Business is booming each evening and in Shooters it was found that there were more people than there was space. So the number of pool tables have been reduced to four.

Shooters is undergoing major renovations to increase the club seating and make provisions for a wider assortment of activities. On Friday afternoon the carpet was being removed to make room for a new dance floor and behind it on the windows side of the area will go a stage for live entertainment. The plan right now is to have a live band, or other entertainment about once a month.

Seating has been greatly increased and will much better accommodate the people who come to Shooters now as "the" place to go. Plans involve booking, comedians, hypnotists. illusionists and providing an excellent venue for dinner theatre.

The trend is nationwide as people today are relying less and less on the canned entertainment of television and motion pictures as they like to participate, dancing, life shows are "in" and the clientele of today want classy facilities and because they are going out for fun the consumption of alcohol is secondary to the experience. Many city locations are springing up without liquor licenses as there is a sizable population who like to go out and liquor is not part of their evening.

The management of Shooters feel they will have the best night club in the whole of Northern Saskatchewan and are going to spend considerable effort and energy making the surroundings and the experience one that will attract a wide range of patrons. The four pool tables will easily accommodate the customers who enjoy playing the game and for special events the dance floor area can have a full set of tables to provide for even more seating and offer excellent placement for the entertainment.