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FTLComm - Tisdale - Thursday, September 28, 2006

Wednesday morning it was not raining though it was dull and looking like it might rain but I took the chance and walked downtown for breakfast.

These deep burgandy coloured trees are really remarkable and I was able to contrast this small one with a bright yellow one.

Fantasy Floor's building is the old Co-op building and is a metal clad structurre. It looks like the zinc process used to produce "galvanized" sheeting has a definite lifetime as this building is showing a good deal of rust on its roof.


In front of the SAAN store this tree has already packed it in for the year, its leaves have turned colour and all fallen off and the tree stands bare awaiting spring which is a long way off.

The new brick sidewalking is complete downtown and in front of the Credit Union the bricks are covered with sand so that the traffic will work the fine sand into the joints and tighten up the surface.

East of the SAAN store the street is very colourful and even in the dull light of yesterday morning looked pretty good. (below)


Many of the pictures on this page are rollover images so that there are two pictures one that you see and the other appears when you mouse moves over the image. We have noticed that on some Windows operating systems this feature does not always work, which is par for the course as a lot of things don't work with Microsoft operating systems.

The red shrubs are just across the street and on the next block west of the Anglican church.

The sky was beginning to break up by the time I got to the Golden Age Centre (below).


The two pictures on the right are long telephoto shots of Louis Dreyfus and their huge mountain of wheat and the other is a distant look at Harvest Valley Wheat Pool with Soil Tech Services in the foreground. These pictures were taken just after 4:00 this afternoon.

As you can see the clouds have all headed East aand the sun is lighting things up. Below are two pictures of a giant culvert that moves the Doghide River under this farm service road. The recent rains are keeping the little river flowing.



Just above the river is this bluff of trees and in the distance you can make out Harvest Valley Pool terminal more than two miles away.

This image below is a dramatic view of the western sky at about 4:45 it is interesting that Environment Canada in their weather report for that hour did not mention the fairly substantial stratus layer that you can see to the west. I have noticed that in the past year the hourly weather reports by our weather service are just poorly done and lack the detail that once was the standard for the service.



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