Looks like football season
FTLComm - Tisdale - Tuesday, September 18, 2007

Its the natural human thing to do, to associate scenes with memories and emotions. Seeing Tisdale's streets colouring up simply reminds me that it is football season. Football is dangerous and spectacular sport but it seems to relate that struggle we all have of having to work together against formidable odds.

That pretty much sums up fall. The relentless and unstoppable progress of the season as we march grudgingly toward winter is celebrated with this defiant burst of autumn colour.


Though important things are happening in t he world the non-stop 24hr news channels were given a gem this week as they can shift their attention from Brittney Spears to O. J. Simpson, "major news" yet CNN has not even mentioned the evacuation of more than a million Chinese from a coastal area threatened with a major hurricane.

Canadians are keeping one eye on O.J. but did take time to wonder at the three Quebec federal by-elections that saw the Liberal Party skunked and will offer considerable encouragement to the Prime Minister to consider a fall election. With the Liberals in such a mess a majority should be automatic.

The US dropped its interest rate today to try and bolster its sagging economy and moved the Canadian dollar to a solid 98¢ and it could easy hit par by Friday. The Saskatchewan economy is being rated by experts as into a boom phase and CBC radio is spending the week wondering if Saskatchewan is becoming more and more like Alberta.

All this and more before the leaves fall.

Timothy W. Shire

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