Aurora and Chloe at the Pumpkin Patch

FTLComm - Craven - Monday, October 19, 2009 images by Matthew and Dawn Shire

Sunday, October 18th Aurora (above) and her parent and her best friend Chloe and her family went out from Regina to the Lincoln Market Garden to enjoy the festivities of Pumpkin Patch day. In the series of pictures below you can see that families went of the the farm to enjoy the sunshine and select a pumpkin. While they were there they had time for some face painting and a hot dog or two.

Aurora and Chloe are very close in age so they will be five this coming spring. They are in the same dance class for the second year in a row and spend each day together at the same "Y" daycare.

pumpkin1 pumpkin10 pumpkin11 pumpkin12
pumpkin13 pumpkin14 pumpkin15 pumpkin16
pumpkin17 pumpkin18 pumpkin19 pumpkin2
pumpkin20 pumpkin21 pumpkin22 pumpkin23
pumpkin24 pumpkin25 pumpkin26 pumpkin27
pumpkin28 pumpkin29 pumpkin3 pumpkin30
pumpkin31 pumpkin32 pumpkin33 pumpkin34
pumpkin35 pumpkin36 pumpkin37 pumpkin38

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