FTLComm - Yukon
May 19, 1999

The experiences we have are the base material on which we build the rest of our lives. So what are you planning for your vacation this summer? Many people view their holiday time as a period of rest relaxation and vegetation Many people make a trip to the grocery store and then drive to their cabin and put a hold on their lives for the period they stay there.

Perhaps you might consider doing something quite different. The boys in these pictures are all grown men now, but in the course of their lives as children, they had to endure a summer adventure or two. These pictures were taken in the summer of 1985, oddly
enough this was not a special or even planned event, but one of those things that just happened. A little trip in the country, a stroll along a stream and a time to consider the reflections of a lake and the scenery around it, but it was an adventure.
--Its really just a product of gravity, water is evaporated into the --atmosphere, condenses and descends as precipitation. --Collects up on top of a mountain then slips off thundering --down through a stream like the one on the left or jams itself --into a tight spot like the place on the right and then down it --comes.

--People are always fascinated with waterfalls and it seems just --fine that they are, because it makes a very impressive --realisation that in the scheme of things, we humans really --don't amount to much. Mountains and rivers are big, --something that human self importance fails sometimes to --appreciate. In our day to day lives, indeed we make mountains --out of molehills and torment ourselves with the belief that --each and every act of-those we encounter really is important --and what we do is even-more important. But few thousand --tons of water crashing-down the side of a mountain adds just --a little perspective to things.
For us, just being together was important, what we were doing was interest but as I looked over these pictures with the spectacular scenery, it is not the water and rocks that catch my attention, but rather the interaction of us as a group. Stumbling around boulders, trying to get the best angle, but the focus of the event was, and quite reasonably should have been, on the characters. I had spent the past year away from home at collage and was at the time, deep in a project that required intense day to day work, those two factors made times like this more precious than anything else, and not just to me, but to the boys as well.
The rocks, mountains and streams will always be there and even the vegetation is replaced each year by its succession,
but the time you spend with your family is one moment after another and each one must last for each of your lives.

So think about it, do something together, that everyone can appreciate and experience together. The adventure will bond closer and more completely then any other experience you can imagine. Even ghastly weather, misadventures with mud and soggy campsites will be the bits of the family saga that will be passed on to grand children and beyond.