Market Visit

FTLComm - Tisdale - Tuesday, July 24, 2001

Tuesday once again and another Farmer's Market day. After a cool day yesterday we are back into summer today with blinding bright skies bringing out the umbrellas.

There is still talk of the rain on Sunday which people now refer to as "the flood" apparently the storm sewer system could not cope with the downpour and water reached the back bumper of a pickup truck, one street had some guys in a canoe. Unfortunately Ensign did not get a picture as I was told about it Monday with the comment "You missed that one."

But what a great thing for gardens, that rain was perfect and yet there already is plenty of evidence of some outstanding gardens prior to the rain. Rudy (from Carrot River) wanted to show you his cabbage which is aweful close to ten inches across. Cabbages are fine but once again this week Rudy's best seller and most mouth watering item can be seen in the background as a boxes of deep purple Saskatoons. He even had a Saskatoon pie.

But as always the farmer's market is not only a place to shop but it is also a place to visit and share things with each other. This market is open every Tuesday through the summer.