FTLComm - East of Nipawin - June 18, 1999
With the rising sun well into the morning Northern sky I came upon this scene this morning at about 5:45 thirty-five minutes East of Nipawin. The honest morning light, the semintole cows and the rich chlorophyll glow of the pasture made this a moment to share with you.

Though their lives are short as they placidly consume in order to be consumed, these bovine fellow inhabitants of this planet have got a lot going for them. There life style is mighty impressive. The eat, then they eat again, the same material, they discuss shadows and relationships and try to catch the eye of the bull who is dedicated to keeping everyone happy. They stand, if they please, lay down, if they please, and not once in their lives does anyone call them to remind them they are late with a payment.

The picture below is three pictures assembled into a single image to present the whole scene.