It looks like Spring

It doesn't take much to forget what it was like a year ago, as it turned out 1998 is the warmest year on record and these pictures taken during the middle of February a year ago are similar weather to what we are now experiencing in early March. This photo essay on that week was posted on our archive website last year but many of you who read Ensign will not have seen these pictures and I thought you might enjoy taking a look back.
Though temperatures were mild the white lines over the highway are referred to as "ground drift".
Friday February 13/98 near 6:00 PM these two images were taken through the van windshield looking west toward Birch Hills. This slow moving snow is hard on rural roads that frequently clog with the snow as it sifts in.

This image was taken at the same time as the two pictures above only here we are looking South at the fading light of this Friday afternoon. Temperatures rose sharply to +5 on Saturday, Valentines day, and this picture(right) is of the Tisdale golf course.

This picture also at the Tisdale golf course shows the sun shining on the tressel and foot bridge.

This is my valentine, Judy, took a tour around the golf course.

Andrew captured these incredible images Sunday, February 15. Once again the temperature is up to +5 and the sky was singing. This picture and the others in this group were taken at Tisdale's airport and as you can see the snow is starting to receed.
High cirrus clouds fill this picture taken at about 4:30. In this picture we can see laying water as we can in the shot below.