TMSS to Get New Playing Field

FTLComm - Tisdale - June 26, 1998

Gordon Gray with the help of four students spent Thursday surveying the playing field in preparations for work to begin next Tuesday as earth moving equipment will be used to bring in fill. Over the course of the summer the grounds will be brought up to a proper height to permit the installation of a football/soccer field with its 1% grade from centre to ensure proper drainage. The plan will see a track installed around the playing field and it will need time to settle and be worked up in the fall. In the spring of 1999 the field will be grassed and should be ready for the fall of 1999 as a serviceable playing field.

The new field required the removal of the ball diamonds and other elements on the grounds in preparation for this major undertaking. Located immediately on the East side of TMSS and the RecPlex the surface is remarkably uneven and it is going to take a lot of material to create the sort of quick drying and permanent field needed by the school.

Gordon Gray's staking called on his training and background as a surveyor to establish first a baseline, then work toward establishing the appropriate contour for a field that will become a fixture of the community for generations.