Toasted Blower

FTLComm - Tisdale - December 22, 2000
Shortly after noon on Thursday the owner of this snow removal device came out of the house to see if it was warmed up and ready to use. He had put an electric heater near it to bring it up to temperature so it would start and given it some close covering to keep the heat in and apparently succeeded beyond his wildest imagination.

The blower had burst into flames and when he came around the corner of the garage the flames were licking at the side of the buidling. With lots of snow available and exuberant application of same, he said "with both hands", the fire was put out and it was not necessary to call the fire department.

From the looks of things this blower will not be moving much snow from now on and its either a replacement or a shovel for the owner.

A day or two ago he had snow over his mirrors when backing out of the yard and was able to knock down some of his fence so with this second mishap he is now in the "man about the house cautious mode."

When this reporter was told the story by the owner and his wife there was little sympathy, instead the story was greeted with good humour, after all what can you do. Things happen sometimes and as a do-it-yourself klux expert this reporter cherished the woes of a friend especially when you consider the remarkable good fortune in being there and able to put the fire out with only the loss of the machine, when a few minutes later he and his wife would have to have found a new place to live.