FTLComm - Tisdale - October 30, 1998

The new button operated pedestrian signal light has been installed and is operational at this busy intersection for students going to and from Tisdale Middle and Secondary School. The high level of traffic through Tisdale during the critical 8:30 til 9:00 AM each morning, 12:00 noon and 3:30 PM makes it a definite danger area. This new signal will give pedestrians the opportunity to warn traffic of their presence by activating the button on the poles on each side of the intersection.

This picture was taken at 3:20 PM Wednesday afternoon, though you can see only two vehicles coming toward the camera, they were the last two in a multi-vehicle parade going North, while in the cross walk the photographer also had a grain "B-Train" and a full compliment of additional traffic Southbound bearing down on him from behind.

It will take a while for drivers to learn to watch for these North and South facing lights when approaching the area. At the same time students and pedestrians of all ages must get into the habit of making use of the light system.

Those times mentioned are critical times throughout the entire town, as the main street/highway cuts the town in two with young people at both schools having to make their way across it several times a day.

With the closing of TUCs over a year ago the intersection at the North West corner of the football field had its yield sign changed from retarding traffic East and West to its present condition of giving the East West street the right of way. Close calls on this intersection are routine and school buses are among some of the faster moving traffic in the area.