Beeland Coop Establishes Web Site

FTLComm - Tisdale
November 7, 1999

Getting online is a mark of a progressive business. Realising that the market place is changing and that the way we do business is always altering course it is essential to spot trends and establish your presence and develop experience in a new format as quickly as possible.

Beeland Coop's new web site went on to its own address late Friday night. This is a large web site with more

than twenty pages. The site is designed to keep the Coop Member/Owner informed about the business operation of their company but also to make the public aware of the extent and range of Beeland Coop's operations both here in Tisdale and in Arborfield. With pictures and details the visitor can develop a more thorough understanding of the business and at the same time the site offers the business a direct link to provide access to itself. Both the application form for obtaining a cardlock fuel card and a suggestion form are on line so that customers can access directly services from the web site.

Tisdale businesses have been steadily moving onto the Internet Bow Mar Sales Ltd. is one of the first businesses in town to produce a large and attractive web site and it is now a full two years old. John Bob Farm Equipment have had their site for more then a year and will soon be doing a major upgrade on that site. Nuform Packaging just recently got their new site up and running and Tisdale Agencies, Century 21 will soon be up on line as it is currently in the testing stage. If you are looking at the costs involved or what is required to get a site going give FTLComm a call at 873 2004 or make contact by e-mail to get a quote.