FTLComm - Tisdale
June 24, 2000

It is odd how things evolve and develop, often caused by minor problems. The original lay out of Ensign pages involved creating pages without the need to scroll but you would flip from one page to another. That was until it was discovered that my father only looked at the first page and missed all the rest so from then on full scrolling pages were established.

Then it was discovered that older computers or ones with low memory and using the memory hog, Netscape, were crashing or at least in deep trouble when ever a gif animation was displayed. This happened to my wife's systems in her school so that spelled the end of illustrating many of Mario
deSantis' articles with animations.

So from about March on of this year we have been including with many articles a standard eight by four inch image to go along with each article or story. As time has moved on these things have become increasingly complex while some take only a few minutes to create some can require up to two hours to get the elements and tone in the picture that best tells the story.

There are always problems trying to tell or show something in a graphical way without stepping across the line with something that is rude or personally demeaning. If we poke fun at a personality we do so not to belittle them but rather to remind them of their role in society but there are times we come pretty close. One such article involved referring to the premier as a "jackass" and the illustration gave the man a definite equine type of face. Clear this was a personal attack and the line had been crossed. The article was withdrawn as was the illustration but not until a call from my father pointed out the folly because we need not get personal, we need really to deal with the issues.

The illustrations have been put together on a separate web site Gallery that allows you to view the full size image or look over the article on which the image was based or accompanied. Most illustrations have been included in the collection although some of the simply ones have been omitted. You can visit the site from within Ensign by clicking on the picture or go to it directly by going to its url, (There are some simple problems with the site right now but these will be correctly shortly as one of our experts is cleaning up the html code)

I would enjoy and appreciate hearing from you about these pictures, both as a communication medium or a means of getting a point across.


Timothy W. Shire