FTLComm - Tisdale - July 29, 1999

Hot, its a new word for most of us this summer as cool wet weather has made this year less favourable to outdoor activities then others. On Wednesday afternoon while out on our daily cruise to see what is happening this pair of skaters were heading into the sun toward the hospital. In line skating is great exercise and both of these skaters were getting a good work out.

These pictures were taken around five as a squad of younger children were on their way home from the paddling pool (below left). But at the park and paddling pool itself a few children were still there and the lady below right who was enjoying the shade while her child had fun on the nearby slide.

The reasonably small numbers of mosquitoes make it just great to go outside and sit in the shade and people all over town were enjoying the day quietly.
The playground down town still has some people enjoying the great setting. During lunch hour the picnic tables were full of people having lunch in the park, The town has made this a show piece in the community and Dawn's efforts with the flowers has really paid off handsomely as they have never looked better.

The obvious place to go on a hot day is the pool and there were lots of kids having a great time in the water. But two guys who are on their way to a Pan Am games someday were having a glorious time diving. As quick as they could between splashes they were back up on the one metre board for another kerplop.

If you are feeling a bit warm you might want to join these guys click here to see the pool schedule.

Almost all pictures that appear in Ensign are from my trusty Epson PhotoPC 500 but today, thanks to a software upgrade from ATI, I was able to use some video footage. The pictures in this article were taken with a full size Hitachi VHS video camera which gives me the opportunity to use the 12X zoom lens, but at the same time I have to sacrifice the image quality. You will notice the smaller images look better.

If you have some footage and need a still image from your video tape give us a call and we can help you out.
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