FTLComm - Tisdale - June 28, 1999
With Principal Biddel on hand Vice Principal Gabriel walked the graduating class through the grand march Sunday afternoon as the finishing touches were put on the decorations and the day before preparation were in full swing.

There is no question about the importance of graduation in the lives of young people and their parents, but it also marks the passage of yet another group of young people who have worked their way through school and are about to change dramatical their role in life.

Its time for a trip to hairdressor, a picture session or two, off to the banquet and the graduation exercises this evening for the community in the RecPlex auditorium.

FTLComm will be there as we are creating this year's graduation video.

As the graduating class worked out their route for tonight's exercises I snapped a few pictures of some of them and I think you can see the anticipation as well as the serious nature of this process. Everyone of them knows what a change is taking place in their lives and wants to savour this one last night as a high school kid. For all of them there is a lot of pressure, to look their best, do and say the right thing and make important choices about appropriate celebration.

But Sunday afternoon there was anything but, tension in the air as they went through the briefing and walk through a couple of times and enjoyed each other's company. About a quarter of them stated after the walk through to continue with the preparations.

The picture below is a rough composite of two pictures of the group rehearsing this year's song.