FTLComm - Tisdale
June 29, 1999

The graduation of 1999 though filled with emotion and the positive strokes that go with such an occasion was really an evening of recognition. Each year students who have put out the effort and demonstrated their ability and achievement are recognised with the awards but it seemed to me that this year the awards portion of the graduation was the main event.

The awards singled out a number of well rounded students who have not only achieved high marks but also have been social and community responsible people and it was great to see them recognised by both the school and the community.

Among the individuals who were recognised was
Chantelle Demarsh who had the school's highs average and the Governor General's award but also was recognised for her other numerous achievements.

Harley Forer who distinguished himself in community and school activities was recognised by a service club and a host of scholarships.

Melissa Homstol was among the many recipients of awards for academic achievement.

The Tisdale Recorder will print a complete list of the many awards and scholarships in this week's edition.
There was a huge crowd in the dimly lit auditorium to witness this year's ceremony and enjoy the great slide show that identified this great bunch of young people at their last day of high school.

I regret not being able to show you more pictures of this year's graduation banquet and exercises and have struggled this morning trying to get the technology to work for me. I have captured video images for the past seven years but this new computer of mine is not cooperating and we only have the few images I took with the still camera.

Videos of this year's
graduation are available from FTLComm and include the entire banquet and graduation exercises.