FTLComm - Tisdale - August 11, 1999
By five in the afternoon there were already more then 750 people at the grand opening of the new UGG inland terminal at Valparaiso. People from throughout this part of the province came to celebrate the completion of the facility and its official opening. This writer talked with farmers from Weldon and Carrot River who had come to see and a part of this event.

The merchants and businesses in the area pitched in to make this event a success for UGG as Kramer Tractor, John Bob Farm Equipment, Bow Mar Sales, GT Mechanical and scores of other operations had displays on the grounds or participated by contributing door prizes that were distributed during
the supper.

But the highlight of the day was the show put on by the Saskatchewan Express. The audience was engulfed in the top tapping harmony and polished presentation of one of the most impressive versions of this company's performances in years.

Saskatchewan Express was originally put together many years ago as a showcase of Saskatchewan talent that would tour the province and often outside its borders to tell Saskatchewan's story. The young entertainers and the professional band have sung and danced for audiences for years but their performance yesterday was definitely among their best. The audience was enthralled with their energetic performance and the quality of the singing, dancing and production numbers was well above the normally high level we have come to be used to.

UGG was able to put on not only a great show but provide some answers and information to their customers. Tours of the massive facility, facts and figures on various products and perhaps the most important element give the people a chance to meet the staff of this UGG operation.

To help out with this project UGG brought in support staff from other locations as well as had management on hand to be a part of this big event.

The machine and implements on display were an added feature that complimented the booths and displays set up by UGG itself. Truck and implement dealers were on hand as well as their products to meet the public and demonstrate the equipment they had with them.
The presence of the petty zoo and their great variety of animals lent a carnival atmosphere to the day and was a pleasant experience for the many children who had come with their parents.

UGG went all out with the formal part of the day but include an outstanding supper for everyone. Baked potatoes, two salads, buns, pork chops and hamburgers put a smile on everyone's face. The quality and quantity of the food was excellent and sharing a meal with each other gave people a chance to visit and share with one another. Tables had been set out for supper both in the huge tent and in the area and it took very little time for people to work their through the line up and sit down to an outstanding meal. As you well know the measure of any event was "how good was the food?" Using that as a test to see if UGG's celebration was a success or not we can say enthusiastically that it was a terrific success.
As you can see the cooks were
keeping up with demand and the line up (above right) moved peacefully along.

There was coffee and soft drinks to go with supper and two great cakes for desert. When I looked them over before the meal I wondered why two cakes then discovered that one was chocolate and the other a white cake.

Definitely, UGG has started this new facility off on the right foot and everyone enjoyed the day. But during the wait for supper most people were talking about the splendid performance by Saskatchewan Express.
As the UGG project has progress there have been several articles in Ensign about it. You might like to go back and check them out.

Construction begins