IMAGE time2grow01.jpg
FTLComm - Tisdale
June 1, 1999
IMAGE time2grow02.jpg
With most of the crop in the
ground in the Tisdale area it
is now time for things to
grow and from these images
it looks like these early
plantedcrops are doing just
These pictures were taken
along highway #3 within
about four miles of Tisdale
North toward Nipawin. From
what I could see the canola,
barley and wheat crops in the
pictures are all up and doing
The pictures were taken
around 6:00 and it had
clouded over but did not rain.
However, things are drying
out with the steady winds we
have been experiencing and
these new crops could
probably uses a drink.
IMAGE time2grow03.jpg
I drop five miles North
before turning back and only
one seeding operation was
observed. Which is more
then I had expected to see.
Custom spray units seem to
be on the highways all
around so it would seem that
they are busy. All three
sample pictures appear to be
very clean but at this stage
and from distance shots like
this it is hard to tell.
Compare these pictures with
those taken a year ago just
East of Tisdale.