The Greenwater Report for August 26, 2002

Greenwater Provincial Park - Monday, August 19, 2002 - by: Jerry Crawford


August 25th, 2002: Another hot, sunshiny day, and after the cool, wet weather in the first part of the month, it is welcome. There hasnít even been much wind. A lovely weekend for the last-minute sunbathers and water skiers.

miss 'em!

August almost gone? Canít be! We just got out of spring! Yet I understand the kids go back to school tomorrow, so the Park will be very quiet next week. There might be one last splash for the long weekend, and then everything gets quiet. Once people quit thinking in terms of beaches and boats, they quit thinking about parks. For those of us who live here, it means peace and quiet, but, you know, when the tourists leave, we miss Ďem!

nice to

Those rains in early August have everything looking nice and lush and green; there is no sign of that brassy look the trees often have by this time of year. According to my records, we got three inches of rain in July, and five in August. In other, nearby areas, we hear of eight inches of rain in a few days, and we have seen some dugouts on the Archerwill Grid (Highway #349) that are full to overflowing. That big, shallow slough on the east side of the highway actually has some water in it, where it was empty for a good part of the year. Itís nice to see some water lying around, but a bit late for the ducks. Luckily, it is a bit late for mosquitoes, too.



September 2

The Beach Café will close late Monday, September 2nd, and Rose, at the Park Store, will do the same. I asked Rose if she had any specials on this week, and she said almost everything is marked down. Good time to stock up on Greenwater tee shirts!




Joyce Chase of The Tackle Box tells me she is going to hold a Sidewalk Sale on Saturday, August 31st, with fishing tackle, boat parts, etc. on sale. They will close for the season late Monday, but Joyce says if someone wants to rent a boat while they are there cleaning up, there will be no problem.

more time
less done

I had every intention of getting a bunch of fresh Park photos, and never did get around to it. Funny how many things fall into that category these days. The older we get, the more free time we have, and the less we get done.


I went hunting for chokecherries on Friday; there were some bushes by the marina that were heavy with them. Somebody beat me to it, though, and got all the ones on the lower branches. I left the high ones for fear of breaking the bushes, but did manage to get an ice cream pail full. Doreen extracted the juice and will use it to make jelly. Now she wants cranberries to use for making juice; there seems to be lots around but most of them arenít quite ready.

nine feet

We planted a saskatoon berry hedge between our place and Mabel Butlerís, our neighbor. They are kind of spindly little things that need some protection, so Doreen planted sunflowers between the saskatoons. We measured them last week and the tallest is nine feet tall, with another not much shorter, and the stems are about an inch and a half thick at the bottom. The flowers are eight or ten inches in diameter. There must be more nutrients in the soil than we thought!
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