The Greenwater Report for November 11, 2002

Greenwater Provincial Park - Monday, November 11, 2002 - by: Jerry Crawford




November 10th, 2002: I am writing this on Wednesday, as we are going to be away on Sunday. We are going to Beiseker, AB, to see Sandyís and Blaineís new condo. Our family are gradually moving farther away - until recently, we bragged that they were all within a hundred miles. Three of them still are, at least, and the other two arenít that far - Beiseker and Lloydminster.




Itís cold and windy today, but the forecast sounds as if some warmer weather is moving in. Maybe, when we get back on Tuesday, the snow will be gone, the ice melted, and combines going to beat the band!


Most of our geese departed last weekend; by Tuesday there were a very few pairs trying to keep the bit of water open. John Woulfe says the same has happened over on Marean - the lake is mostly frozen over with just a small patch the geese are keeping open. As I write this, on Wednesday, there are no geese at all, so they must have departed for greener pastures.




Itís a funny fall; the leaves stayed green until the first really hard frost; then most of them turned brown. They are gradually falling off, and the snow is littered with them. I can still see some green leaves from the house, but they donít look too healthy. We drove out to Uskatik on Tuesday,(Uskatikroad) and the forest wall is still colorful; with a bit of fog, it was quite an effect.




two new

We drove out there to see how the new construction was coming along. There are two brand new cottages being built in old Uskatik, on the lake side of Oskunamoo Drive. One is closed in, and has a very interesting roof of simulated tiles. (stomphouse) I think it is metal. The other just has the walls up so far. I believe both are on full basements, so may eventually be retirement homes. In new Uskatik, a small cottage on lakeside has been raised and set on a basement; then some new construction more than doubled its size.




In the Old Greenwater Subdivision, the only construction I know of is a major addition Tim and Stacy Irving built onto their cottage. They are year-round residents - Tim is greens keeper at the golf course and Stacy teaches school. Just down the road from us, Bill and Linda Gudjonson built a new cottage; that was a couple of years ago, but both are now retired, and this is their home. We are getting to be a substantial permanent community!


Last Tuesday, as Jim and Ruby Swift were motoring to Greenwater, they spotted a pair of bison browsing in the ditch. There are lots of them in the country these days, but not many running free. Quite a thrill!




Norgrove Island, in the Marina. Note the beaver damaged birch trees.



I took a walk around by the Marina today; couldnít see where the beavers are going in and out but there are lots of drag marks across the road. It looks as if all the birch have been killed, (island) leaving only the spruce.




My sister took me to task - she says the plural of beaver is still just beaver; however, I have a much more enlightened dictionary, and it says I can spell it either way!
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