The Greenwater Report for November 18, 2002

Greenwater Provincial Park - Monday, November 18, 2002 - by: Jerry Crawford




November 17th, 2002: Quite pleasant today; barely below freezing, sunny, with a south wind. It was only down to about ó2° last night. While we were in Kelvington last night, a very strong wind came up from the southeast; we worried a bit about blowing snow, but there was hardly any.




Jenny had her annual Crawfordís Family Fashions fashion show at the Kelvington Golf Clubhouse last night; aside from two male models, I was the only man there. I just went for the free food and to take a few photos. It must have been close to a sellout, because there were very few empty chairs, and it seemed to me Jennyís presentation was very well received.

Jerry the

As well as the fashions, we were treated to vocal solos (soli?) from Megan Colby (Wow! What a voice!) and flute solos by Heather Ziola (Sweet and beautiful!). I even got a smooch from one of the models - the rest were too shy!




Quite a cold snap! Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday nights the temperature got down to ó24°C. On Friday, it warmed up again, and there was a trace of new snow. One thing about it - we sure are ready for winter!



We got home from our trip Tuesday afternoon; contrary to expectations, the snow and ice hadnít gone, and the crop wasnít all off. So much for weather forecasts. We had snow, rain, fog, ice and slop going out to Alberta, and the same except for the slop on the way back. We even had a bit of sunshine. The fog and snow made for some neat photo opportunities, (top of page) so we didnít resent it too much. When we got home, there was more snow, possibly three inches. Somehow, I donít think we are going to see the ground for a while.



barn full

Next time you go to Calgary, take Alberta Highway No. 9 through Drumheller to Beiseker. About thirty kilometers west of Drumheller you will come to a place called Thatís Crafty. It is a converted barn full of crafts, with a large dining room decorated with antiques. The barn doesnít look like much from the outside, and is on top of a hill on a curve, so watch for the signs, a big blue teapot. Take your appetite with you, because they will serve you a delightful lunch. If youíre just looking for coffee and a bite, and there are two or more of you, try one of their cinnamon buns with caramel sauce - fresh baked, huge, and delicious! High point of your visit, though, will be a chance to meet the proprietor, June Evans, an attractive blonde with boundless energy and a fantastic personality. You will find yourself being treated like an old friend as soon as you enter!


I drove to Foam Lake on Wednesday. About ten miles south of Kelvington, I saw three deer racing across the field, parallel to the highway; close behind them came a buck, and behind it, three coyotes. As I stopped to watch, the buck suddenly spun around and charged the lead coyote; it charged three or four times, and the coyotes decided they didnít want to play and headed for home. High drama!




I went down there to meet some men I had gone to school with in Kelliher - Lloyd Anderson (Andy) who was visiting from Port Hardy, and Gordon (also Andy) and his wife, Lucille, who live in Foam Lake. I hadnít seen Gord since about the mid-fifties, and Lloyd since 1980. We had a great visit, shared information on who has died (and there arenít many of us left!) and who lives where. In 1980, being busy getting ready to move up here, I missed an opportunity to attend a school reunion at Kelliher, and have regretted it ever since.




I havenít talked to George Renneberg lately, but rumor has it that he pulled his ice-fishing shack out onto the ice, by the old picnic table site. He says the ice is six inches thick wherever he has tried it. Duwaynne Plaskan says it is only a couple of inches thick on Marean Lake. We hear there has been some fishing at Steiestol Lake but donít know about the condition of the ice.
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