The Greenwater Report for June 23, 2003



June 22nd, 2003: Itís been cool and windy all day; when I say cool, I mean about 18°, a temperature that we would have considered balmy just a couple of weeks ago! It was pretty warm all week, even got into the thirties on a couple of days, but Saturday afternoon, it dropped sharply almost ten degrees. Again, there were black clouds all around, but not a drop of rain.




We went out on the boat Friday evening; Doreen did a bit of fishing with the usual results. A black cloud formed in the west with thunder and lightning, so we headed for home. We got only a few drops then, but Doreen said there was lots of thunder and lightning about 2AM Saturday, and it was pouring. Not for very long, though, because all we got was enough to wet the bottom of the gauge, not even enough to measure. I hear they got a real good rain from Archerwill up through Tisdale, so they will be smiling.




Yesterday was the longest day of the year, and now it is officially summer. Lots of school groups show up at the Park in June, (top of page) though not high schoolers that are busy with exams. I understand some of the city schools will be finished this weekend, so expect a busy week ahead. There have been many boats out on the water this weekend.


The Park is experimenting with horizontal light posts. Apparently, Sask Power doesnít want to service the lamps, like cleaning and changing bulbs, etc., so by making them horizontal, the tops can be reached easily. They started with a pole down by the beach, thinking they would make sure it works with one of the shorter poles, before trying it on the big street lamps. Seems like a good plan, except they wonít throw much light, down close to the ground like that.





Next day, the pole was gone. Frank told me it just didnít cast its light far enough laying down like that, so they were working on a hinge device so they can lower it for servicing and then stand it up again. I guess that didnít work out, because now there is a brand, new, square pole in its place, with no sign of a hinge.

The willow fluff is finished, but now we have poplar fluff. It must be as annoying to spiders as it is for us, because I saw a web that was loaded with it, and even a single strand of web carried a load.








and Jean Wikberg have been Park residents for over twenty-five years, but now they are moving to Saskatoon. Yesterday, we had a very small party at our place to say goodbye to them. I believe the actual move takes place the middle of the week. They will be living in an apartment block in Sutherland. We have known them for about forty years, since they moved to Wynyard in the sixties.

Donna MacDonald was sitting on her deck one morning recently, watching a rabbit hopping along the lane towards the east. It went out of sight behind the bushes, but then, all of a sudden, it came dashing west again as hard as it could go. Donna wondered what had it riled up, when two deer came dashing along. She doesnít know if the deer were chasing the rabbit, or if something else was chasing both. Sometimes they seem so tame; another time, they bolt at their own shadows!

The Tackle Box is open for business, and looking good. They have knocked out a wall so that the business area is over twice as big as their old building, with lots of room to display their fishing and boating gear. They even sell snacks, like chocolate bars and chips. Outside the north end, they have fenced off a small area that will likely be lawn. There is a bit of repair work to do on the roof (the trail coming out of Schmidtís was too narrow!) but the place looks nice.








Bernie Markusís movers have been and gone, and she will be leaving this week. Bernie and Case were our neighbours and friends for twenty-three years. Case, of course, died last November, and Bernie has decided to make her home in Regina. Doreen, especially, will miss her; they have been very close since Case died.


Doreen & Jerry Crawford
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