The Greenwater Report for March 3, 2003

Greenwater Provincial Park - Monday, March 3, 2003 - by: Jerry Crawford




March 2nd, 2003: March came in like a quiet lion; it was Ė33° early in the morning yesterday, and Ė35 at 2 AM this morning. Very little new snow this past week, and no storms, but good and cold for this time of year. Coming home from Swan River at 2 in the morning, it felt like the vehicle had no springs at all.




The temp got up to about Ė13° today; the wind started out from due South, then swung to southeast. By suppertime, it started snowing; fine flakes, which usually donít amount to much snow. We would still welcome another four or five feet of it!




Rocky Mountain Elk Foundation held their annual Banquet and Fund Raiser at the Cove last night. We werenít able to go, but I understand despite a smaller crowd than usual it was a good party.


I went for a walk late this afternoon; there were a few snowmobiles around, and two trucks with snowmobile trailers, but otherwise not much action. Today is the Lintlaw Poker Derby; it is one of the major derbies, and if the cold weather didnít scare them off there could be 500 machines or more participating.




The Park had two busy weeks with school breaks, and now I expect it will get pretty quiet. That is typical for March and April; we could hibernate, but would miss the coffee breaks.



derby off

The Bjorkdale Bandits football team have had a fishing derby on the last Sunday of March for years; I phoned Rocky Chysyk and he said they wonít be doing it this year because of the manpower requirements for catch-and-release. He also said he would like to see another group take it on.




We went over to Swan River with Laurie & Bryan Grimson; there was a Swan Valley Stampeders Awards Banquet; our grandson Dave plays defense, and he received the Rookie of the Year award. It was a nice evening, but kind of late for us old timers. We might have stayed overnight, but with the Awards Banquet and a snowmobile rally didnít think we could find a room.



Also nice was visiting with Marvin and Joan Vestby, their daughter-in-law, and grandson. Marvin grew up near Kelliher; Lorna Bolton is his sister. Marvin was quite a bit younger than the gang I ran with but he came on a party or two with us - likely to drive.



75.9¢ / litre

Across the highway from the Church camp, in one of those clearings, we saw four or five deer, right up to their bellies in snow. We have only had the two serious snowfalls but all the light falls and hoar frost builds up the depth. I believe there might be a little more over East by the Manitoba boundary, but not much. By the way, car gas in Swan River was 75.9¢ per litre, ten cents less than here.


Last week, I told you the Perigord Rummage Sale was on Monday, March 3rd, but I lied. It is on the third Monday in March, which is the 17th. Sorry about that! (Father LaCasse is going to kill me if a bunch of angry women start banging on his door at daybreak!)


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