Greenwater Report for November 17, 2003

The Greenwater Report for November 17, 2003








November 16th, 2003: A bit cooler than it has been for the past few days, but still very pleasant. That day or two of warm weather turned some of the snow into ice, so driving and walking call for a bit more caution.

We watched what looked like an eagle away out on the ice. It was too far away to see what it was doing, but suspect it was dismembering some poor, unfortunate creature. We think of eagles as heading south when the lakes freeze over, but I read that they will hang around as long as there is anything for them to eat.

Then, we opened the door to the old part of our house, and there was a squirrel running around. With both doors open, we finally got it outside. Thought for a minute we might have to call Jessie in, or maybe the eagle. (Jessie is famous for her ongoing battle with squirrels - she must have a few tricks up her sleeve by now.)











It seems to be the norm nowadays - On Monday, we were to both Kelvington and Porcupine Plain; Tuesday we stayed home; Wednesday we went to Saskatoon, Thursday in Tisdale, and Saturday in Melfort. Then right after the bridge tournament we took off for Kelvington, and finally got home late Saturday night. I don’t know why we bother vacuuming the floors - we aren’t home enough to get them dirty!

The Kelvington Friends and Neighbors Club held their third annual Fashion Show last night, which is why we went there - Jenny, of Crawford’s Family Fashions, put on the Fashion Show. Aside from two models, I was the only man there, and I was assigned to take some photos. It was a sellout crowd, and quite enjoyable.

Adjectives used in the fashion world are different - a jacket was described as a “barn jacket”; colours described as “dirty brown”, and pants deliberately made to look almost worn through. Of course, there were also garments that looked smart and colorful.










In between sets of fashions, the Marquette girls entertained (below) us with their takeoff on Abba, and Sylvia’s serenade to the perfect man.

We said goodbye to another old friend this week - Dr. George Curliss, optometrist in Wynyard for thirty years then for another fifteen or so in Saskatoon. There was a memorial service in Saskatoon Wednesday, which we attended. The church was full; of course there were a lot of people we knew from our Wynyard days and we had a grand time visiting. It seems a shame that it takes a funeral to get us together. Sincere condolences to Helen and family - I was only able to talk to her for a few seconds, and then someone whisked her away.






I sat at my computer last week and watched a very handsome buck wandering down the boulevard. He had a respectable rack, but I couldn’t see if it was four- or five-point. Of all the deer that hang around the Park, I think that is the first time I have seen an antlered buck.

ice getting

On Friday, I walked out over the ice to the Marina. It seemed very solid, with no creaking or groaning. What little snow there was, was stuck down and made for very easy walking, but where some old cracks had flooded the ice one had to be careful. There were a couple of ice-fishing huts over near Uskatik. A set of snowmobile tracks came out of the Marina and angled past the beach, likely not sure enough of the ice to go out farther.



I walked down the Marina to the south end; just about when I was under the walking bridge, four deer crossed the ice towards the west. One stopped to look at me; I took a photo but it was too far away to be much good. They don’t seem to afraid of people, but that will likely change when they have bullets buzzing around their heads.


Milton Grimson, and Ted and Luke Gelech, came to do some moose hunting. Bryan and Al Grimson are coming later. The first three decided to take a drive over east, but they were back very shortly-Ted’s truck slid off the Tower Road into a deep ditch, and was seriously damaged. Luckily, they had taken both vehicles, so no one had to walk. Getting hold of the police was no problem, but then they tried to find a tow truck. They phoned Kelvington, Porcupine Plain, Archerwill and Tisdale, and either couldn’t get an answer, the truck was broke down, or the driver was sick. Finally, one came out fromTisdale, but it wasn’t husky enough for the job. They got a bigger one fromTisdale, and it did the trick. Ted tells me most of the damage was caused by the quad in the back slamming into the back of the cab; the quad came out of it just fine.


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