Greenwater Report for September 22, 2003


The Greenwater Report for September 22, 2003


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September 21st, 2003: Cool, overcast and windy - not the nicest September weather, but certainly not unusual. I suspect harvesting operations have been shut down for at least a week and a half.




Yesterday was designated as big outside job day. My first job involved some digging, so I was hacking away kind of ineffectually. Burl heard me, so came over with a tool sort of like a Dutch hoe that made it much easier. Not only did he bring it, he used it!



Next big job was to take the dock out, not a job I look forward to; I'm usually walking funny for a week or so after doing it. I just got the easy section out and turned around, and there were Jan and Jim Scharfstein, come to give me a hand. With three of us, it was easy and quick. What wonderful neighbours I have!




We had a pleasant visit from Ron and Joan Schreiner last week - they are retired farmers from the Annaheim area, and have owned John Schulte's cottage for the past four years. Good to meet you, Ron and Joan, and hope we see lots more of you!




new cabin

Chupa's trackhoe has been busy at Homstol's cottage, just a few doors west of us. It is demolishing the old cottage, knocking down some trees, and installing water and septic tanks. I understand construction of a new cottage will be done this fall. We hope that means Homstols will be spending more time out here.



On Friday, as I walked west on the lake path, I came upon a deer grazing beside the pump house. I was less than fifty feet away from it; it looked at me with mild curiosity, then went back to grazing. I had my camera going, but then another deer, smaller, came out from behind some dogwoods, followed by a third. I took numerous photos of them, until they moved into some shade. Connie at the Beach Café said they had been right by their front door, and showed no sign of alarm at all.




As I continued west to the beach, I saw maybe a hundred Canadas in the water. When I came in sight, most took off, but a few stayed put. Likely the ones that have been around for weeks, and are used to seeing people close by. I didn't see any sign of the swans, and Connie said they hadn't been back recently.



a foot

Just for fun, I measured the distance from the bottom of our dock to the water surface. It was sixteen inches. When I put the dock out in May, there was less than four inches above water, so the water has gone down a good foot since May. Let's hope for ten feet of snow, after heavy rains in November.




There are still lots of chokecherries around, and they are lovely and sweet. I don't know how they would be for syrups or jellies, but they make mighty nice eating! They seem to lose the mouth-puckering effect that many find unpleasant as they ripen.


Some of the trees are starting to show some colour, but less so than in other parts of the province. Jim Steadman said the underbrush along the hiking trail is becoming quite colourful, so it's time I took my trusty camera and went for a walk.


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