Greenwater Report for February 2, 2004


Pine Grosbeaks

The Greenwater Report for February 2, 2004




February 1st, 2004: Much more moderate weather today, up into the mid-teens by afternoon, though it did drop down to –30° overnight. It has been snowing very lightly all day, with a weak sun trying to peek through the cloud cover. I suppose I should be out shoveling snow, but maybe if I wait awhile there will be enough to justify starting the snow blower.




Last Tuesday, we went to Tisdale for the Parkland Photography Club meeting. It was –34° when we left, and I think Doreen figured I should have my head read, but we had no problems. When we got home, it was –37°, still and clear, so I decided to go for my regular mile-long walk and try out a new balaclava. At that temperature, I should have an extra sweater and heavier pants, but the balaclava worked just fine except that I had to take my glasses off. As I neared home, about 11 PM, I heard two and possibly three snowmobiles off to the west, and it sounded as if they were heading north on the Elk trail. When I walk, I don’t generate a lot of wind, but on a snowmobile? Even with their thousand-dollar suits and heated handlebars, it must get chilly!





On Wednesday, it started out at –43°, the coldest I can remember since we moved up here in 1980. In fact, there have been very few days that it hit –40° in that time. Of course, I had to try out my cold weather gear, so walked about a mile, stopping at the Cove for coffee. Some guy on the radio talked about hot water vapourising instantly when flung outdoors in –40° weather. I tried it with a quarter cup of coffee at the Cove, and that’s what happened - just like a silent explosion. Tried it with a cup of hot water at home, too, with the same result. Interesting!

That night, or early Thursday morning, it dipped down to –41° then started to ease up. We got nothing from that blizzard farther south, though there has been an accumulation of three or four inches from ice fog and gentle snow. We were supposed to go to Selkirk on Friday - our Grandson, Dave Grimson, was playing in an all-star game there on Saturday, but when we heard the forecasts, we chickened out. Laurie and Bryan went, and had no weather problems at all, except for the cold. Dave’s team won the game 6-4.

Downy woodpecker at the suet block (above)



I received a couple of very gratifying communications recently. First was an e-mail reading:

I thought I'd drop you a line to let you know how much I have enjoyed reading the Greenwater reports. My husband and I are planning to emigrate to Saskatoon from the UK and your reports have given us a good feel for the place and some fantastic pictures which tempt us even more! any way thanks very much for the reports and to let you know that you're appreciated way over here in dullsville (formerly known as the united kingdom)

Justine Cowell


The other was a very nice card from Mr. & Mrs. Wilcock of Sheho reading:
We read your article in the Greenwater Report in the Foam Lake Review. You mentioned about our Christmas display – the farm east of Sheho. We want to thank you for mentioning it. We appreciate it very much for people to acknowledge it. Yes, it does take a couple of months to set up let alone to make all the stands & supports to withstand our Sask. Winds. So thanks again….Be more displays this coming year
And I thank you, Mr. & Mrs. Wilcock, for your kind comments! How I love hearing from readers - it makes it all worth while!




A year ago, I had a couple of boat props with pretty serious nicks in them, so sent them to Del’s Marine at Naicam for repair. I assumed Del’s Marine was some guy with a welder working out of his garage. I was surprised to see in January 23rd Naicam News that Del’s Marine is moving into the Co-op Agro Centre building in Naicam; that they fix props for people in the three prairie provinces with 60% of them coming from Alberta. Bill James and his son, Shane, do most of the work but hire up to three extra welders during the summer. Another surprise: they have found a niche market sharpening Zamboni blades and servicing Zambonis from 50 different rinks in the province! Who would ever dream that unassuming building on the corner in Naicam housed such an enterprise? Congratulations on your move, guys!


Doreen & Jerry Crawford
Box 100, Chelan, SK S0E 0N0 (306) 278-3423


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