Greenwater Report for February 23, 2004


The Greenwater Report for February 23, 2004



snow &

February 22nd, 2004: It’s been a pleasant week - temperatures hovering around zero, little or no wind, and the odd skiff of new snow. Great for snowmobilers, and there are lots of them around. Last week was school break, and I think most of them came out here.



to H.B.

We just got back from Hudson Bay; Mike phoned and invited us there for supper, so we decided to take the motor home. (A different one, five years newer than the old one but still almost twenty years old). Like the old one, it rides and drives like a dream. Highway #23 east of Weekes is terribly rough but still any rattles were from dishes and such, not from the machine itself.



The nesting instinct has hit Doreen with a vengeance - she loves getting into the motor home and cleaning it up, stocking it with dishes, cutlery and spices, and when she’s not doing that, she’s thinking about it! We are both looking forward to our little jaunts.

low water

It looks as if the lake level won’t rise much in the spring, and we may not even launch our boat. Instead, we will go on little motor home jaunts.




Mike is getting itchy for spring, too. He bought a used Gold Wing motorcycle last fall and hasn‘t had much opportunity to ride it. It is a gorgeous machine - lots of miles, but looks brand new, fluorescent green, or “Hawaiian blue with flowers” as Danny describes it. It has every option you could think of, and should be as comfortable as a rocking chair. It’s strictly a highway bike, though - you don’t take it to hill-climbing events!




If anyone wants a good motor home, cheap, we took our old one over to Success RV at Watrous for sale. It has lots of miles on it, but I wouldn’t be afraid to take off for Texas in it. A couple of people phoned to ask about it, and both commented on how clean and undamaged it is inside.




Quite a few mornings there was a fog or light snow obscuring the far shore of the lake. When snowmobilers go past, they look as if they are in mid-air! If I had just a bit more energy, I would take my camera down by the shore and get a photo of them. Nobody would believe it!




Snowmobiles are quite fascinating - ugly looking machines from one angle, beauties from another. And the colours! They travel on the roads, they travel on the footpaths, and they even travel on the snowmobile trails sometimes. Any we have met show a lot of respect for pedestrians, and we show a lot of respect for them.


need snow

The light snow I mentioned didn’t amount to much - I doubt if we have had more than an inch in the past week. Every bit is welcome, though, even if it just makes everything white again.


Proof positive that there are still lots of fish in Greenwater Lake: Nick Franko caught an eighteen-pound jack last Wednesday. I went over and got a picture of him with the fish. He also caught a fifteen-pounder two or three weeks ago, and just before Christmas he caught a six and a half pound pickerel and a five-pound jack on the same day. Blanche and Nick like to spend their winters at their cottage here in Greenwater, and their summers on their farm near Spalding. They plan to have the eighteen-pounder mounted.




I notice some posters up for the Kelvington Legion’s annual Fish Derby, on March 28th. The Bjorkdale Bandits ran one for many years, but finally gave it up last year for lack of volunteers. The Kelvington Legion stepped in and continued it.


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