Greenwater Report for January 19, 2004


The Greenwater Report for January 19, 2004



model "A"

January 18th, 2004: I am writing this from Beiseker, AB. It is overcast and not too cold, about -5, but it was up as high as +5 this afternoon. The trees are covered with hoar frost, the result of a heavy fog we drove through coming back from Edmonton last night. Why were we in Edmonton? Well, Blaine had bought a Model A Ford a year or two ago, so we went there to bring it back. We rented a trailer, drove the Ford up onto it and tied it down. It rode like a dream. When we got back, I drove it off the trailer and around the block. I tooted the horn at a couple of kids that were walking down the sidewalk (Ooogah!) and they seemed to get quite a kick out of it.


On our way to Edmonton, we visited a man who collects and restores old cars, preferably Rolls Royces and Bentleys. He had about fourteen cars scattered around in different sheds, most looking like a million, and dated from1924 to about 1957. Did you know that Rolls built cars in the US for about ten years?

He also had a 1947 Ercoupe airplane, a beautiful, sleek little plane. He still flies it. The Ercoupe had what they called a simplified system of controls - no pedals, To turn, you turned the wheel a bit and pulled it back a bit. I gather not everyone liked it, because they sold a rudder kit for it. Howard had installed one of those.


There had been rain in that area a few days ago, and walking around the yard was risky. The snow banks were quite crusted. Howard told us that the night after it rained, he walked out into a field; when he stepped on a snow bank a crack in the ice would go shooting across the field, and it zinged, like our lake does when conditions are right. Beautiful, but treacherous!




I got a call from Yvonne By the other day. You may remember me mentioning a new-born fawn laying on some steps and blending in with the fallen leaves. Yvonneís daughter and son-in-law, Donna and Ron, live on a farm at Elbow. One day late last spring, they saw a fawn in their yard with no mama in sight. It stayed there all day despite the hot sun. That evening, mama showed up, stayed with the fawn awhile, then went away again. This time the fawn was backed up between the duals of a tractor. This went on for several days. A neighbour wanted to borrow the tractor but was told it was busy babysitting! One day, the doe showed up seeming quite agitated, and by morning both doe and fawn had gone. Ron thought they might have moved to a patch of bush not far from the yard. Why did the doe think the fawn was safe right in the yard with people about, then suddenly decide it was no longer safe?




We were very sorry to read of Lewie Arnasonís sudden passing. I didnít know him when we lived in Wynyard; I think he was away for most of that time. He became my faithful critic from the Elfros area - sometimes casting aspersions on the accuracy of some of my statements. Who will bug me now? We will miss him. Our condolences to his family




We went to Alberta last Thursday. It was raining between home and Hendon and then later west of Wynyard. I couldnít understand it because the temperature was -10º to -12º! The roads didnít seem to be affected, though - we had to problems with ice at all.




We got to Rosetown about suppertime and went to the Country Rose Inn, quite an acceptable motel but the continental breakfast plus 10% off meals at the nearby Prairie House Family Restaurant were icing on the cake. It was steak night at the restaurant, 8-oz rib eye or New York steak for $9. The steak was perfect, as was the rest of the meal; the service was superb, and the coffee was fresh. Best of all, we had a very leisurely meal and were still out of there in just over an hour! So if you are passing through Rosetown, watch for it - itís right on #7 highway, across from that big orange elevator. Try to make it Thursday and take advantage of their steak night





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