Greenwater Report for May 17, 2004


The Greenwater Report for May 17, 2004




May 16th, 2004: Today started out nice and bright and sunny, though the temperature dropped down to ó5° overnight. The weatherman has promised us some warmer temperatures starting today, so we have been getting the motor home ready for a little shakedown trip. My sister, Cathy, is coming with us and we will inflict ourselves on some relatives in Manitoba.




I met our new neighbors this morning - Colleen and Regan Bernhard, from Muenster, bought Mabel Butlerís cottage, next door to us. They have three children, 22, 20 and 16 (and I thought they looked as if in their early twenties!)




Tuesday morning, southern Saskatchewan woke up to a raging blizzard, with major and minor power lines knocked down and up to a foot of snow. Here, it was +3, sunny, and calm. I talked to people in Winnipeg and Souris on Wednesday; they were getting the storm and were surprised that we werenít. Not many complaints, though!

lake low

There was 1/10th inch in our gauge yesterday morning. I donít know if that is even enough to stop the seeders from working. We donít ask for much - a three-day gentle rain, delivering about three inches of moisture, and temperatures about plus twenty-five would make us happy for a little while, though it wouldnít do much for the lake level. Two feet of rain would bring it up, but I donít think we want that! We will hope for a warm and wet November, eight feet of snow, and a wet spring next year.



Birds recently spotted in our yard: goldfinch, white-throated sparrow, rose-breasted grosbeak and yellow-rumped warbler. We had a notation beside the warbler so have spotted several times in past years, but not recently. A Harrisí sparrow dropped around Tuesday; itís common around here, but we donít see it too often. We also saw what we called a myrtle warbler, but Brian Shuya says it is actually an Audubon warbler.




We had a giant raven on our railing - it must have been the size of a chicken. It was gone by the time I got my camera, though. There have also been smaller ravens, crows, red-winged blackbirds, grackles, and magpies. I havenít heard much from the crows recently - maybe we wonít have a nest full of the little noisemakers this year! No action at our purple martin house so maybe I was late again. At least I havenít seen the squirrel in it. I tacked some pieces of tin on the post to discourage squirrels


Harris's Sparrow




We have been getting the motor home ready to start touring.This is a different one, and we had never slept in it, so decided to give it a try last Wednesday. However, it was not sitting level and I was afraid of rolling out of bed (the high bed over the cab); also, we hadnít taken enough blankets so about half past midnight we called it quits and headed for the house. Just like two kids on their first try at camping! We tried it again last night, after turning it around and leveling it a bit. Had a great nightís sleep! We are still getting used to the ladder that takes us up to the bed over the cab. I guess an elevator would be impracticalÖÖ

We stopped at Roadside Greenhouse near Crooked River the other day. Beautiful blooms and colors that were almost fluorescent! Jenny was going to come with us on a greenhouse prowl, but she has been so busy getting her store ready to open in Wadena that she hasnít thought of anything else. It will operate as Crawfordís Family Fashions too, as a branch of the main store in Kelvington. She is hoping to open by the end of next week.



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