The Greenwater Report for
May 31, 2006

Greenwater Provincial Park, Monday, May 31, 2006

May 29th, 2006: Today started out cool, wet and windy. There wasn’t enough rain to measure in the gauge this morning, but it hasn’t quit drizzling ever since.

Monday was the typical long weekend Monday – sunny and warm, after a miserable Saturday and Sunday. I remember those days, when we would work up a good sweat packing up to go home!

Tuesday was nice; Wednesday too, despite a little rain, but the rest of the week was cool and wet. We got one and a half inches of rain during the week but hear stories of much heavier rainfalls west of here. It sure put a kibosh on seeding.

It doesn’t look as if the girls are going to get in their annual greenhouse crawl this year, though they have done a little shopping around. On Monday, Jenny was out so we went with her to My Three Sons (Plus One) Greenhouse northeast of Kelvington. The girls bought a few plants, and I took a few pictures. They have some old buildings there that are quite photogenic, as are the kids.

I remember when it was just a fact of life that we go in for a swim on the May long weekend, even though there was sometimes still ice on the lake. I can’t remember anyone staying in very long, though. Last Monday when it was so warm, there were a couple of kids splashing around in the shallow water and a couple of girls sunning themselves on the beach. Farther down the beach was a family of geese, but otherwise not much sign of life. There wasn’t even a lot of boating activity on the lake.

The lake has drained down by about a foot from its high point, so the beach is a little bigger than it was two weeks ago. The permanent dock at the Marina is well above water, so you don’t have to wear rubber boots to cross it, and it’s a comfortable step up onto the floating dock. I suspect a good, normal summer level would be when the floating dock and the permanent dock are at the same level.

We haven’t been over to Marean Lake this year but I hear the water level there is much higher than it has been. At one time it was possible to boat between the two lakes, though with difficulty. When Greenwater is high, it overflows into Marean Lake and that is how Marean gets its clear water and fish.

Farmers I talk to say they are anywhere from half done to almost finished, but then I haven’t talked to anyone from the area northeast of Porcupine Plain. We went to a bridge tournament in Wynyard on Wednesday, and saw lots of fields with water leaking out of them. I doubt if they will get a crop in this year.

We were to Tisdale for the Parkland Photography Club meeting on Tuesday and it looked as if seeding was well advanced along the way. It’s a little hard to tell what has been seeded, as many are harrowing or cultivating to try to dry out the surface before seeding.

On Friday, we went to Porcupine Plain; we were not aware that there was a Farmers’ Market so missed lunch, but we did buy a bag of rosettes to do us for the weekend. They lasted about fifteen minutes.

Yesterday was Perigord’s annual Flea Market, so of course we went down for lunch and some visiting. Always a pleasant time!

Our saskatoons are finished blooming, and it looks as if the berries are properly set. Of course, they looked like that last spring, too, and there was no crop at all. Our pincherries are finished blooming, and the chokecherries are just starting.

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