The Greenwater Report for August 27, 2007

Greenwater Lake Provincial Park , Monday, August 27, 2007

August 26th, 2007: Not very nice weather the first part of last week, but by Friday the sun broke through and the temperature came up to a comfortable level. Saturday was a real nice summer day until about suppertime, when it clouded over. Today has been cool and misty. Despite all the days with a little rain, our gauge has only come up about a quarter inch since we got back from our Shell Lake trip, almost two weeks ago.

Connie tells me the Beach Café will be closing at 2:00 PM on Monday, September 3rd. She has a poster up announcing that fact, and says: ”See you in May!

Rose will also be closing the Park Store on Monday. She has a blow-out special on clothing – 40% off, plus some other in-store specials.

I didn’t talk to Frank at the golf course, but the ladies working there said the Labour Day weekend would be it as far as the kitchen is concerned. I suspect there will be golfing until the snow flies, though.


Darren Teale at Greenwater Fisherman’s Cove says he is still hoping to get the gas bar, store, and accommodations open by the long weekend, but there is a lot to do and the slightest glitch can shoot a hole in his plans. They just finished laying new carpet in the main part.

The former Hall cabin has been moved north on its lot onto a new foundation. Looks like room for an expansion on the east end. The old foundation has been broken up, ready to be hauled away. They are going to have a great front yard.

The Hilash cabin (formerly Soubolsky’s) has been moved onto a new foundation at Marysburg (that’s what I call those housing lots north of the Cove – think anyone from north of Humboldt will object?) so at present there are four empty lots in the Greenwater sub waiting for new cottages. I only know of one in Uskatik, and it has the foundation finished, waiting to start construction on the house. I believe all the lots on Marysburg have been sold, so that’s another nine lots waiting for construction to begin.

Doreen’s sister, Lucille, is here for a visit. She hadn’t seen Jenny’s Foam Lake store, so on Thursday we toured the three stores, in Kelvington, Foam Lake and Wadena.

In Wadena, we ran into Wendell Charbonneau, formerly of Porcupine Plain, and had a nice visit. I don’t think I have seen him since he left Porcupine Plain, though I have seen his picture in the papers (No, not in the Court news – in the Sport news!). Wendell’s name will be familiar to anyone that follows curling.

When we passed Fishing lake, just south of Ottman’s Beach there were a lot of big earth movers hard at work east of the highway, we assume on the diversion channel. We were going to turn in at Leslie Beach to have a look, but it was closed to casual traffic because of construction. In that few minutes we must have met three or four big trucks hauling clay in to the beach, so I presume the berm is under construction. We could get a clear look at some of the cottages at KC Beach and it looked like the water was still up to, or under, the cottages. Access roads are flooded so access would only be on foot or on ATVs. What a mess!

On my walk this morning, I could see two big flights of geese merging and splitting, so assume the young Greenwater geese have learned to fly. They will likely start coming back to the main beach here before getting ready to fly south. As far as I know, geese on the beach have not been a problem since the Park staff hauled most of them away at the end of June.

Here it is, almost the end of August, and signs of fall are all around us. The black poplars and willows particularly are turning yellowish, as well as a lot of the underbrush. Didn’t summer just begin?

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