The Greenwater Report for October 29, 2007

Greenwater Lake Provincial Park , Monday, October 29, 2007

October 28th, 2007: Finallly, some decent harvesting weather! We came home from Prince Albert Tuesday and saw many combines working, as late as 10:00 PM. Since it was windy, without any dew, some likely ran all night. Just what they have been waiting for all fall. Hopefully, this will let them wrap up this year’s crop.

It was dry at home, too, so dry that I decided to give the lawn one last mowing, and mulch the leaves at the same time. I use a mulching mower which grinds up the grass clippings and leaves and they just filter down to the sod. I have to go a little slower, but there’s no raking and the lawn can really use the nutrients from the decaying matter. I clean off the underside of the mower after mowing, and there was less clippings adhering to it than there has been all summer, which means this was the driest the lawn has been all year.

It’s not as though our lawn needs any feeding – the deer have done a thorough job of that. One has to step carefully on the lawn or on the boulevard to avoid stepping in a deposit. Deer are almost as bad as geese when it comes to leaving evidence of their passing.

On our way home from Prince Albert, we stopped at Tisdale and attended our last meeting of Parkland Photography Club. I have been newsletter editor since 1988 so had a lot of archives and materials to turn over to the club. They have been a grand group of people to be associated with. Some of the charter members still attend regularly. We will miss them.

Dennis Szafron was out at the lake on Thursday; he had been working on the snowmobile trails. When he left, he forgot to secure his chainsaw, and just had it sitting on his trailer. He drove around by Almi on his way out of the Park, and when he got to the Round Lake road, remembered the saw. By then, it was gone. He retraced his steps right back to his cottage, but no sign of the saw. If you found it, or know of anyone who found it, please give Dennis a call on his cell phone at 327-7762.

Our hunters had a good hunt – the four of them got two moose. Ted Gelech sent me a photo, but it comes up blank. I believe them, though. They were only hunting for a couple of days.

There is going to be an early Pot Luck Supper at the Greenwater Hall on November 17th. Doors open at five, supper at six or six-thirty. Always a good time.

Lots of activity at the Park, with four houses under construction in the Greenwater Sub and another in Uskatik. The pad is poured for the new entry kiosk and SaskEnergy has been digging natural gas lines in to it. A road has been cut from the Golf Course Road in to the loop where the log cabins are; it is blocked off right now, but when they begin work on the traffic bridge at the Marina they will open that temporary road for access to the campgrounds.

We have been busy, too – at least, Doreen has been busy packing and I have been busy keeping out of the way. We have had a lot of help from family and tomorrow (I am writing this on Saturday) we are making the big move, as Lloyd is coming down with his cube van. After that, it’s just last minute stuff and cleaning up, ready for the new owners.

We got a hard frost Saturday morning, -7° at 8:00 AM, so I brought in the rain gauge. It had a half inch in it, the total rainfall since the end of September. Looks safe to say it is the total for the month.

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