The Greenwater Report for October 9, 2007

Greenwater Lake Provincial Park , Tuesday, October 9, 2007

October 7th, 2007: A pretty nice, sunny day today, though cool. Yesterday, it alternated between rain and drizzle all day; only amounted to a little over an eighth of an inch but just never quit.

I am just now recovering from another great Thanksgiving feast. We had family out Saturday and Sunday – the last family gathering in this house, unless we have a moving bee.

The Ducks Unlimited Banquet was a huge success. I understand they sold all their tickets and had to turn some people away at the door. Brian and Sharon Fowler were there and report a good party with excellent food. No idea, of course, how it made out financially but it had to be good.

We went to Wynyard yesterday, to wish Frank Kaufhold a happy ninetieth birthday. We weren’t able to stay long because we had a houseful of family, but did some great visiting. Frank joined our company right after coming home from the war and was with us until we sold, in 1979. He stayed for a few years after that, too. It was good to see him looking so hale and hearty. I wished him many more happy birthdays, and he said, “I plan on it.”

Merv and Shirley Miller had an unwanted guest at their place. Shirley was working in the yard; she turned around and there was a bear looking at her, not fifteen feet away. Merv came out and tried to shoo the bear away but it wouldn’t budge, so he got his camera and took a picture. Finally, the bear got the hint and climbed a nearby tree, grumbling and growling the whole time. Shirley thought it was likely a two or three year old, dumb enough to have no fear and big enough to give a person a rough time.

On our way home from Saskatoon Wednesday evening, we saw more combines working than we have all fall. We spotted the first ones just west of Melfort, then it seemed every few miles there would be another one or two going hard at it. Maybe they will get this crop off after all.

Ken Folstad complained in his last column in Family Farmers that he and Joanne were shopping for furniture for their Saskatoon condo, but he spent his time cooling his heels in the car while Joanne made the major decisions, especially when it came to their television set. Well, I kind of know how he feels.

As you may have deduced, we have sold our place here at Greenwater and rented a nice townhouse in Erindale, in Saskatoon. Of course, that means a bunch of new stuff has to be bought so we spend a good deal of our time in the city browsing furniture stores. Along about early afternoon, our feet play out and we get frazzled and snippy, so I think we will have to do all our serious shopping in the forenoon. We like to take Doreen’s sister, Lucille, with us as her input is valuable; she has lived in a number of suites and apartments and spots things we would never think of.

Many people have asked if I plan to continue writing the Greenwater Report when we move, and what I will call it. Doreen has suggested “Old Farts in the City” but I think for the time being I will just continue to call it the Greenwater Report. Maybe in the future I’ll find I have nothing left to say but for the time being let’s assume I will continue. I hope you continue to follow it. I will have to set up an e-mail network with Merv, and Helen, and others around here so I can at least put some Greenwater news in.

We met the new Conservation Officer on Friday. His name is Corey Thody, his wife is Charlotte and their older son is Dallas, age eleven. I believe there is another child about eight, who must have been in school. They are living in one of the Park houses. Corey has had many postings throughout the north, but now feels that Greenwater is the kind of place they would like to settle down in. Welcome to our bit of paradise, and hope I haven’t mangled your names too badly!

I was at coffee yesterday and Janny Lindsay said; “I hear you’ve sold your cottage.” So I told her that was right, that we had found a place in Saskatoon and now we can hardly wait to move. Jack said, “Yeah, and neither can we!”

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