The Greenwater Report for January 7, 2008

Saskatoon , Monday, January 14, 2008

Editor's note: due to a mysterious e-mail glitch we did not receive this report until today

January 6th, 2008: The temperature has been two or three degrees above zero every day for the past few days; this morning it was zero at eight AM, with a heavy overcast and little wind. A nice day for walking but the warm weather has made roads and sidewalks very icy – my hips were killing me when I got half a mile from home.

Anna Johnson, a real old-timer in the Greenwater district, died on Sunday, December 16th, after being unwell for a long time. Our condolences to her family. When we first moved to Greenwater back in 1980, we were hauling well-rotted manure from wherever we could get it, and Anna had a big pile that she let me have. When I finished hauling, I asked what I owed her and she said, “You mean I don’t have to pay you?” She was a widow as long as we knew her, ran her own farm until she got sick, and was well respected.

We toured the Enchanted Forest light show at the Saskatoon Forestry Farm, and were some impressed. A million or more lights but more than that, they are very skillfully applied. One is not supposed to stop on the tour as there are vehicles coming behind, but we managed to grab a few shots. We had seen the show several years ago, but this was far and away better. Only thing that would make it better yet would be a walking trail to satisfy us snap-happy types.

On Christmas night we decided to take the tour again. We were afraid of a long line-up but were surprised to find no other vehicles at all. It was just about closing time so maybe the rush was over. The lights were just as impressive the second time around.

Mike,Marg and Danny were here for Christmas. On Boxing Day, Danny wanted to check something out at Future Shop, so he and Mike and I went over there. We couldn’t get into the regular parking lot for traffic, and had to park away off to the west in a field. When we got to Future Shop, we found a half-block-long line-up just waiting to get into the store. We left.

Richard Bloski phoned the other day. He and Trudi had given Trudi’s mother a subscription to the North East Chronicle, and she is a faithful follower of this column. However, she can’t understand why Richard’s name is never mentioned. Actually, it has been, the odd time, but Richard is such a shy, retiring type that he just sits back at coffee row and never says anything. Anyway, he and his mother-in-law have had a disagreement – he says Jackpot is the first town after you cross the Idaho border; she says there is
another town in between. There is $5 at stake here, and if I back Richard I get half. Well, I checked with the ultimate authority, Doreen, and she agrees that Jackpot is the first town you come to in Nevada after crossing from Idaho. Anytime you’re in the city, Richard, unless you want to make a special trip to clear your conscience.

Richard says the Cove has been really jumping over the holidays, with snowmobiles. Trails are excellent, but there is some flood water on the lake ice. Good to hear! I’ll bet our former house will be busy too, as the Rusteikas planned to spend the holidays there. I believe they are into snowmobiles and quads and likely fishing, too.

Our condolences to Dawn Kowalchuk, who I understand was doing acrobatics in her living room and wound up with a broken hip. I wonder if that will slow her down. Nothing else ever has.

We were terribly sorry to hear our good friend and former neighbour, Rosalie Ewen, has passed away. She was a lovely person and I’m glad we had a brief visit with her before we left the lake. Our condolences to the whole family. Her husband, Cecil, just died this past summer. What a blow to the family!

Went to Reggie’s for coffee New Year’s Day and was surprised to find Bernie Scyrup sitting with the usual bunch, and apparently well-acquainted with all of them. Bernie is originally from Wynyard, in fact used to work for me. He has been a Greyhound driver for many years and now lives in Saskatoon. We had a great visit.

Coffee row was somewhat disrupted over Christmas and New Year’s but was alive and well at Market Mall last Wednesday, though not too many there. I met Jack Graham, who used to be the pharmacist at Foam Lake.

We had supper at the Asian House last night, and Wilf Rodenberg came over to say hello. He was in town celebrating his daughter’s birthday. I didn’t notice where he went after he left our table; I would have liked to say “hi” to the family on our way out, but couldn’t spot them

Got an e-mail from Alex Dunlop, with some pictures of his place in the frosty forest. Sounds like coffee row is as normal. “Jack was on Newt's case, arriving with a book on the glory years of the Montreal Canadians. Newt's counter was a comment on the work as pure fiction - the conversation went from there - you can guess how the give and take went with the odd helpful dig from Axel!!”.

Doreen & Jerry Crawford


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