The Greenwater Report for July 28, 2008

Glaslyn , Monday, July 28, 2008
July 27th, 2008: Cold and rainy to scorching hot – that’s the kind of day it has been

As I mentioned last week, we are camping this weekend at Little Loon Lake Regional Park with the Sunseeker Sams, an RV group that has very kindly invited us to take part in their campout and activities this weekend.

Little Loon Lake Regional Park is a lovely spot, about five miles east of Glaslyn just off Highway #3. The lake itself is narrow and deep, and it must be close to three miles long, sort of sickle-shaped. It has a small man-made beach. Doreen learned to swim in Little Loon Lake. When our kids were small we sometimes visited Glaslyn in the summer and would take our kids and Lucille and her two boys down to a tiny beach on the opposite side of the lake. It was really tiny, and the water got deep quite quickly. We liked it because if one of the kids got into trouble, we were just a jump away, yet there was enough room for them to play happily. We can’t even remember where that beach was; in fact, the lake seems to be very high so perhaps that old beach has been flooded.

The Regional Park has been built since then. It has a great nine-hole golf course with grass greens, a lot of open area for different activities, and many cabin lots. Most of the lots are taken up with seasonal rentals, where a trailer is pulled in and left all year round, but I understand they are not allowing any more of those. Everything we have seen has been trailers parked, with decks and sometimes complete roofs built over them. Some are well-kept, but others look as if they have been abandoned. We haven’t seen any cottages as we know them at Greenwater, but have heard of some, likely out of sight on private land.

There is a club house which serves as office, store and snack bar, and a big deck for outdoor events. The park appears to be well-maintained.

It is certainly a popular spot; one of our group told a friend we were staying here, and the friend was amazed that we were able to get in. One couple came in a day early and had to dry camp for the night. Our lots were reserved a year in advance so we had no problem. Pretty well all the sites are electrified but I don’t know of any that are full-service.

It started to sprinkle Saturday night, so our campfire broke up early. It rained off and on all night, and broke up a Blongo game Sunday morning almost before it got started. Nothing to do but go to our camper and read. Oh, darn!

This is the kind of holiday event where a motor home proves its worth. It costs a bundle to get here, but once here there is just the cost of our campsite, less than $25 per night, and our groceries which we would have to buy anyway if we were at home.

We played games today, had our happy hour, then went to a neighbour’s trailer to watch the football game. After a very uninteresting first quarter the game went off the air, so we came home to have supper and finish this report.

Do you remember the weather forecast late in the week? It promised sunny weather for the whole weekend. There has been a little sunny and hot weather in between cloudy and rainy spells but I don’t consider that a very accurate forecast. Maybe I am just cynical.

Doreen & Jerry Crawford


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