The Greenwater Report for December 8, 2008

Saskatoon , Monday, December 8,2008

December 7th, 2008: Cool, but at least there is some blue sky. We have been under a cloud for a long time. Time to get out the Day-Lite lamp.

Okay, this is winter, even though there’s not much snow. When the temperatures start dipping down into the minus twenties at night, the streets get icy and the wind makes it feel like minus ninety, that’s winter. The snow will come. Last night there was a bitter wind and what little snow there was made it look like a blizzard. I wouldn’t have wanted to be out on the highways.

I shoveled our walk and driveway today, but I think I am doing it wrong. I should wait until the snow removal guys have been around and that will show me what and where I have to shovel. Old habits die hard but shoveling snow is one I wouldn’t mind putting to rest.

We have started going to the Field House for our exercise, three times a week. I walk for three miles; Doreen and Lucille walk about a mile and a half and do some bike exercises. Then we have coffee; then I go home and sleep for a couple of hours. Then I might go for coffee again, if I get up in time. It sure is a rat race.

Every once in a while we run into Stan Hopkins at the Field House. He and Audrey live at Luther Towers and seem to be doing well. They lived at Greenwater, right beside the horseshoe pitch, for many years.

Laurie and Krista were in town yesterday. They and Aimee picked up Doreen and they all went to the Sundog Fair at Credit Union Centre. Gave me a chance to catch up on my naps. They report an excellent fair, hundreds of booths and high-quality stuff. It was well-attended, too.

It’s a puttering kind of a day. Doreen decided the living room wasn’t properly balanced, so we traded the big recliner for the smaller one; still no good, so we moved the big one to the other end of the room and put one of the bucket chairs in its place. Still no good, so we moved things around a little more. When we finished, everything was back in its original position.

We have dozens of pictures that we haven’t hung yet, many of them either Doreen’s mother’s work or my photos. Doreen placed a few around today, then started to wonder why we have to have every square inch of wall covered with a picture. I agree with her, though I do have some black-and-whites that I would like to hang – but where?

I phoned Greenwater today; talked to Brenda Dunlop. I was trying to find out what day the lake finally froze over but Brenda didn’t know and Alex was out plowing snow. She called later to say that Alex couldn’t remember either, but she thought it was very shortly after we were there on November 17th and 18th . Let’s say it froze over on the 20th and see if anyone contradicts us. That would make it the third latest freeze-up since I started keeping records in 1992.

Brenda and Alex are going hunting tomorrow. She says deer hunting has been pretty good, at least the American hunters are satisfied, but elk and moose are hard to find.

Doreen & Jerry Crawford

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