The Greenwater Report for April 14, 2009

Saskatoon , Tuesday, April 14, 2009

April 12th, 2009: It was heavily overcast pretty well all day, but the temperature got up pretty close to double digits. We had a bit of a rain last night, judging by the puddles on the road this morning, and things looked a little cleaner than yesterday.

Saturday, we had about +12° most of the day, with sunshine and little wind. That made it a perfect spring day and really ate away at the remaining snowbanks.

We joined our Sunseeker friends at the Travelodge yesterday for breakfast, one of the high points of our week. As we were leaving the hotel, we met a young mother with twin infants in a two-seater baby carriage. I couldn’t resist, so got the mother’s permission and took a photo of the kids. (above)

The garage sale season has started again, so we unlimbered our trusty GPS and took in about four of them on Friday and a couple on Saturday. Not very exciting, but Doreen and Lucille each found a few little things they didn’t know they needed. Two or three of the places had a lot of old 8-track tapes for sale, more than we saw all last summer. I guess they must have realised that the technology is long gone, never to return.

Easter was much of a non-event, as usual, but we did have Lloyd and Louise and their family over for supper today, and what a meal! I am barely able to walk, and barely able to keep my eyes open long enough to finish this column. If it’s shorter than usual, you will know why.

It’s getting close to tax time, so tomorrow we are going to bundle up all our papers and take them to Woolley & Armstrong at Tisdale. We plan on getting up early, going to Tisdale, then on to Greenwater for coffee. We haven’t been there since last November. We will carry on to Kelvington and have lunch with Jenny, then make our way home. It means six hours of driving and I will be useless for three days after, but I guess that’s about normal. Doreen can drive during the daytime while I sleep, so that will make it easier.

No Field House Friday or Monday. My hip bothered me on Wednesday so I didn’t walk much; it means no exercise for over a week. Our sidewalks are clear of ice now so I did walk down for coffee one day; not as good as our regular exercise at the Field House but better than nothing. We will keep going to the Field House for the rest of April, then will drop out until next winter.

Happy Easter, Everyone!

Doreen & Jerry Crawford

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