The Greenwater Report for July 31, 2000
Greenwater Provincial Park - July 31, 2000 - By: Gerald Crawford

close to 30°

Not quite as warm today, and with some light clouds to temper the sun. The beach was quite popular, since it must have gotten up to close to 30° by midday. I went for a bike ride down past the beach, over the walking bridge, through Lakeshore, etc. and by the time I got back to our cottage I was perspiring freely. Of course, I work up a sweat just getting out of bed.



Campground Hosts

Lakeshore was full, and I noticed Number One campsite with the "Campground Host" sign. Nobody was in sight so I didn't stop, but I called Joy Weinberger and she tells me Dolores and Bruce Bassett of Melfort are the Campground Hosts. If you need a band-aid, or an extra blanket, or just some coffee and a shoulder to cry on, drop in and see them.



put it in his pocket

We went to the Beach Cafe for coffee on Wednesday morning, then ambled over to the beach to watch the maintenance crew clean the weeds out of the swimming area. They dragged a big affair sort of like a Noble blade behind a power boat to cut the weeds off or pull them out. Frank was in up to his armpits, gathering the weeds into a mat and dragging them to shore. I wondered if he remembered to take his wallet out of his pocket, because he was fully dressed. (talking to him yesterday, he said he had. He had also remembered to take off his watch and put it in his pocket.) On shore, Jim Steadman forked the weeds onto an ATV trailer and hauled them off somewhere. Quite a procedure, but I gather it only has to be done once per season. They did the Marina, too. Frank said they used the big ski boat from The Tackle Box, and it handled the job much better.



magpie in the yard

In the 20 years we have lived here, we have rarely seen a raven or a magpie in the yard. Sometimes one would fly over, and we could hear them in the trees all around us, but they stayed clear of the yard. This summer, though, we quite often see one strutting around on the driveway, or on the lawn. I don't know what is attracting them; the only thing different this year is a lot of moths from the tent caterpillar cocoons. If that is what the ravens are eating, more power to them!



lot of gardens froze

We went to the Farmers' Market on Friday, the first I have been to for quite some time. Jean Boyko was the only one with any vegetables - I suspect a lot of gardens froze. We had hoped to find some saskatoons, too, but there were none. The local crop is just about non-existent.



one look at
their dog

Our granddaughter, Jill, was here on Thursday, and fell in love with our stray cat. After a great deal of wheedling and pleading, we finally let her take it home with her. Lucille phoned her on Friday to see how the cat was settling in - when they got home, the cat took one look at their dog and headed for the tall timber. They haven't seen it since. Seems to me there is a moral here, but I'm durned if I know what it is.



Old Fashioned Dance

We missed the Old Fashioned Dance last Friday - just got bogged down trying to beat the heat and forgot all about it - so I phoned Mary Kehrig. She said there were about sixty-five people there, the music was excellent, and not too loud, so people could visit comfortably as well as dance. She calls it a small success. The heat was one factor that kept people from going, as was the ideal haying weather. Almi Campground and the Cabin Owners' Ass'n. had sponsored the dance, and I hope they do it again sometime.



Heritage Day

Next Friday, August 4th, is Heritage Day here at the Park. I phoned Joy Weinberger for the details and she said it would be open from noon until five pm, in the Park Hall. There will be displays of arts, crafts and memorabilia, trying to depict what the settlers used and how they existed. She asked me to bring some of my old cameras to display. Joy also said that the calendar of events for August is done, and they will be passing them out tomorrow. Ask for one when you come through the gate.


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