The Greenwater Report for August 20, 2001

Greenwater Provincial Park - Monday, August 20, 2001 - by: Gerald Crawford


August 19th, 2001: Warm but not hot, mostly sunny in the morning with a strong south wind. It clouded over in the afternoon and the wind went down, making it a lovely, soft summer afternoon and evening.



two little

Doreen redeemed herself this morning. She caught two little jacks over in the east end of the lake, and Sean caught one. Sean gave her some guidance in cleaning them, and we had them for supper. Not bad!




Combining season is here again. I went down to Mozart on Friday and combined wheat and barley. As I said before, it is going to be a short combining season we were running at five and six miles per hour, compared to two or less on a good crop, and that was on the crops that weren't hit with hail. Straw is very short and it's hard to get a swath to feed into the pickup properly. Bryan figures if the weather holds, most of the combining will be done by the end of August.




Coming home last night, I noticed that crops north of Kelvington look pretty good; at least they are tall enough to make a good swath. I have no idea how they are yielding.




A terrible windstorm came up last Tuesday, just a half hour after I docked the boat. It looked as if the whitecaps were a quarter of a mile long. I don't think the wind would bother the boat on the lake, but the little bit of rain was coming horizontally, and the top has no sidewalls. Decidedly uncomfortable. It would also be just about impossible to dock, though I could always run the boat up on the beach. Doreen had been in Nipawin; the wind hit when they were just a few miles out of Nipawin, and they almost turned around. Very heavy rains around Tisdale; she estimated an inch or more. Dorothy Duhaime, who lives in Bjorkdale and works at the Beach Café here at the Park, said they got about an inch and a half, and she heard of tornado winds just west of Bjorkdale. They lost their power for several hours; here it was just a second or two.




We met Bruce and Dolores Bassett at the Beach Café Thursday. They have been the Campground Hosts this year and last, but their tour is over and they are going back home to Melfort tomorrow. I used to bike through the campgrounds regularly, and tried to make contact with the Campground Hosts, but have gotten out of the habit. We had a nice visit with them, and then, in the afternoon, they came out on the pontoon boat with us, and we did a tour of the east part of the lake. They were celebrating their wedding anniversary that day; now they can say they went on a cruise for their anniversary! Very pleasant people, and we heartily enjoyed their company.


busier than
last year

They said they thought the campgrounds were somewhat busier than last year; a lot of people from Alberta, and a lot of first-timers. We keep hearing it they only recently heard about Greenwater, they love it, and will be back.




Bassetts mentioned one huge motor home that rolled in and backed into its site. The owner didn't like the location of a huge rock; I gather it was too close to their door, and they didn't have room to back in any farther. He complained to the Campground Hosts, they contacted Frank Duhaime, and Frank had it moved in no time. The campers were some impressed!




Big doings at the Cove! As soon as swimming lessons were over, the pool was shut down and the fence dismantled. Boardwalks are ripped up and the Beer Garden closed. It will be moved to the west tomorrow, to make room, and the two components of the expansion will be moved into place, one right against the Cove and the other just north of the pool. End result will be nine deluxe suites, new dining facilities, a banquet room, and (hopefully) a beer and wine store. If all goes according to plan, the new part will be open for the Christmas season. I have been staying out of the way in case someone offers me a job, but my spies will keep me informed, and I will pass on to you the changes as they occur.
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