The Greenwater Report for August 28, 2000

Greenwater Provincial Park - August 21, 2000 - By: Gerald Crawford

a few
more rays

It was quite a bit cooler today(August 27) than the past few days I doubt if it got much above 20°, but sunny and breezy. There were still some cars parked by the beach, people trying to get in a few more rays before the reality of making a living settles in. Mike and Marg and boys were down from Tisdale and we had a wiener roast at the cottage. It was very pleasant, but I was glad I had put on a light jacket.



the Cove

We had some relatives visit us overnight, and went down to the Cove for breakfast at 8:00 am this morning. I was surprised at how many people were there already, having breakfast, and a steady stream all the time we were there. I guess not everyone sleeps half the morning away!



crops aren’t
all that good

We went to Saskatoon on Tuesday morning, and came home Wednesday evening. The weather was hot and dry both days, and we couldn’t believe how much had been harvested in that thirty-six hour period. I think it is safe to say that harvesting is well advanced, and just the third week of August. I phoned Grimsons at Mozart to see how they were progressing, and Bryan said they had finished peas and made a good start on wheat. I asked how he was going to be for storage space, and he thought he would have lots. Their area was very dry all summer they got about four inches of rain compared to our almost ten inches and crops aren’t all that good.



curly-haired puppy

We went to Porcupine Plain for the Farmers‚ Market on Friday. Almost at the north end of the park, a tiny little black dog was running around on the highway. We stopped, and it came right over to us and jumped into the car. A cute little curly-haired puppy, with a collar but no tag. Cruel and cold-hearted as I am, I couldn’t leave it there to get hit by a car, or eaten by a coyote. It loved everyone in the car and licked every face in sight. Then Tommy Mathieu drove up; he had seen us pick up the pup and asked if we would like him to take it. With relief, we said yes and turned it over to him. A few minutes later, we met Tommy in Chelan he said he hadn’t had the dog for more than a minute or two than a family came along and asked if he had seen a little black dog. I’ll bet they were some happy to get it back; it was a real sweetheart. I didn’t find out how the family managed to lose it, but suspect they had stopped for a minute and the little guy slipped out while nobody was watching.



Porcupine’s main street

There is another hole on Porcupine’s main street the old Red & White store has been demolished. There was a pile of black dirt there, so suspect it will be spread and planted to grass. The lot where the two buildings burned awhile back has been all cleaned up, but nothing has been planted that I could see. People tell me that the night of the fire was windless; had a stiff breeze come up while the fire was raging, it could have cleaned out that block from the Bank of Montreal building to the Post Office.



Wolkowski’s yard sale

We went to John Wolkowski’s yard sale on Friday. John must like to work with metal I saw several bird feeders made with disks for top and bottom, and disk spacers welded end to end for a pedestal. Very attractive! Another had a pedestal made from box iron, but he had cut the iron in about one inch lengths on three sides, then stretched it, made another cut on the opposite side and stretched that, etc. A fascinating pattern, and perfectly straight. If you want a good-looking bird feeder, ask John if he would sell one.



ten inches of rain

We walked down to the shore at our cottage and were surprised to find the lake at a very low level. Seems kinda strange we have had almost ten inches of rain.



Yellow leaves

It is looking more and more like the end of August. Yellow leaves in the underbrush, some quite red leaves, and even the trees are getting the end of summer look. Lots of kids are already back at school, so things have slowed down drastically at the park. There are still lots of people at the beach on these warm days, though.



help with harvest

Looking back at the above, it reads: "We went we went. we went" No wonder people ask me how I ever find time to write a column! Tomorrow I will go to Mozart to help with harvest. I take my portable with me and try to get something written, but if I miss a week, you'll know it's for a good cause.



glorious sunset

It looks like a glorious sunset this evening. I shut the door to stifle Regis Philbin, and opened the window so I could hear the coyotes if they should decided to put on a concert. So far, no luck, so I'd better quit fooling around and get this off to the papers.


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