The Greenwater Report for January 28, 2001

Greenwater Provincial Park - January 28, 2001 - By: Gerald Crawford




This is the second report in as many weeks, then Iíll shut up for awhile.




I told you last week of the sale of Fishermanís Cove, and that the change of ownership will take place February 1st. Well, tonight we had a farewell party for Don and Colette.




There was some stewing for awhile about how to do it; they couldnít very well shut down the Cove for the evening to have it at the Park Hall. Finally they decided to have it right at the Cove.



Helen and George Lakinger

Thursday evening, Helen and George Lakinger invited the Moores out to their place for supper. Along about seven, they got a call from Lenny at the Cove, saying they were really busy and could Don and Colette come back to help. They were being run right off their feet, with meals and bar orders and such.



almost full

Well, the Moores dashed right back, and as they drove into the parking lot, Don said: "Holy smoke! They really are busy!" The parking lot was almost full!




We wandered in a few minutes later, and Don and Colette still looked shocked. There was a banner across the width of the room reading: "Good Luck, Colette & Don". Actually, when I made the banner it read "Don & Colette" but Lenny McKenzie, being a good feminist, changed it around. Anyone who said "Don and Colette" was reprimanded.



impromptu remarks

Jim Steadman chaired the program portion, which was minimal. A few speeches, a few presentations. Jim had some remarks; Merv Miller talked about Donís success as a fisherman; Jack Woulfe insulted Don for about fifteen minutes, then presented him with his (Jackís) old, torn mackinaw jacket, thinking Don was really quite jealous of Jackís snazzy way of dressing. Lenny bade them farewell on behalf of the staff; Helen Choquette thanked them for the work they did for the Perigord Poker Derby, Doreen Crawford for the same, on behalf of Ducks Unlimited, and Rocky Mountain Elk Foundation. A few others had impromptu remarks, none of them too cruel.




Then we just visited, and had a good time. I think the Moores were quite pleased; there must have been close to a hundred people there. Many had brought snacks which were set out buffet style. Helen Lakinger had made a cake and had it decorated; Colette and Don made the first cut, then everyone had some.




I believe most of the organizing was done by Lenny, Helen, and Cindy Hall. Much credit is due them for doing such a good job, and still keeping it a secret from the Moores. There was some pretty nifty footwork done when one or the other of the Moores walked in in the middle of a discussion. Some fast ad libbing, too, when the wrong person answered the phone.




The Moores are moving to Rimby, Alberta, which I understand is west of Red Deer. Their daughter lives there. They havenít made any plans yet, but I expect they will start getting bored after a month or two. We wish them every success in their future enterprises.

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