The Greenwater Report for July 24, 2000
Greenwater Provincial Park - July 24, 2000 - By: Gerald Crawford

soft summer days

One of those lovely, soft summer days, warm but not too warm, with a gentle breeze. It did cloud over in the middle of the day, and a few drops of rain fell, but they didn’t amount to anything. We went over to Jenny’s, had a dip in her hot tub, then sat around on the deck just enjoying the evening.



big fire in Porcupine Plain

I imagine by now you have heard of the big fire in Porcupine Plain. If not, it apparently started in the early morning of Friday, July 21st, and completely demolished two large business buildings. One many would know as the old Robinson’s store; most recently, Marie Tvait operated a bakery, cafe and amusement arcade in it, but it had been shut down for awhile. The other building was owned by Jim Jarvis when we came to this area twenty years ago. More recently, Debbie Johnson operated a cafe and catering business in the front, and at the back, Becky Fredsberg and Corinne Andrfeychuk operated a hair salon. If there is one thing small town Saskatchewan does not need, it is more gaps on its main street. Let’s hope something is built in that space, and soon.



Frost in July

Frost in July? I wouldn’t have believed it could happen, but last Monday, Shannon Hill said some of her parents‚ garden was hit. Later on, Barb Shirley came into Jenny’s store at Kelvington and said her garden had been wiped out, and we saw Doyle’s potatoes looking pretty black. And here I thought July was our only frost-free month. I guess that means we just don't have a month we can be sure will be frost-free!



trailer courts and camp grounds

I guess frost isn’t much of a problem compared to that horrible wind-storm in Alberta. Did you ever wonder why it is that a tornado or plough wind seems to be attracted to trailer courts and camp grounds? That bad one in Edmonton a few years ago didn’t do much damage except to a trailer court; report after report on tornados in the southern US seems to focus on a trailer court or camp ground. I wonder if it is because trailers and mobile homes are flimsy and the damage is dramatic and therefore attracts the media.



big raccoon

We have had a stray cat hanging around for a few weeks. I believe it belonged to Devin Donais, who had gotten a tougher cat and a dog, neither of which liked this stray. Not being noted for my sympathy toward stray cats, I was bellowing at all and sundry not to let the stupid thing into the house, and not to feed it. However, I was out voted and over powered by Doreen, her sister, Lucille, and Jenny. We stole some dog food from Lloyd, who was at the cottage, but the cat turned up its nose at it, so Doreen bought some dry cat food. She set a dish out on the deck; I don’t know if the cat will eat it or not, but a big raccoon sure did! Maybe the raccoon will have the cat for dessert, and our problem will be solved. (Sometimes, it's best just to let events take their course. Surprising how many problems just fade away!)



Visitor Centre

A couple of weeks ago, I told you that the new Visitor Centre was completed, but I lied. Since then, it has had sod laid, and the parking lot and driveway have been paved. There is still a barricade up at each end of the driveway, though.



Crawford’s Family

Jenny officially opened Crawford’s Family Fashions for business last Friday. We went down yesterday to have a look, and to take a few photos. A lot of people came in to look, but a lot came to buy, too. She heard some very favorable comments, and is keeping her ears open for suggestions. She is fortunate in having Shannon Hill helping her. Shannon has been in business before, so brings ideas; she is also very productive and artistic. That incredible mosaic counter top is her work. Doreen’s sister, Lucille, also has a lot of experience in retail and much of it in clothing, so she had lots of good advice to offer, too.



Buffalo are
like horses

For the first time, I saw buffalo just over the fence in Russ Kush’s property, directly south of ours. Two big bulls were grazing in the corner, close to the road, so I grabbed a few photos. Buffalo are like horses, though - as soon as they see you have a camera, they present their backsides.


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