Greenwater Report for May 29, 2001

Greenwater Provincial Park - May 29, 2001 - By: Gerald Crawford


May 27th, 2001: Let's see if I remember how to do this. An avalanche of requests (3) to continue with the Greenwater Report leave me with no choice. Now that we are moved down to the Park, our house is sold, and our trip is finished, maybe I can get back at it.



odd note

I have been scratching down the odd note to remind me of things to report on, such as the ice going out on May 3rd, in the evening, for those of you who like to make a note of such things.




Our rabbits were piebald in late April; I went for a walk one day and a rabbit that was white underneath and dark brown above ran across the road in front of me. It stopped on the remains of a snowbank in such a way that its white parts were against the snow, and the dark parts against the dark ground. Not just a coincidence, either; it hopped over a few paces and stopped on another snowdrift, in just the same way. How do they know? I've never seen one use a mirror.




On that same walk, I saw a vulture flying around and around above the Park core area. Vultures are not uncommon here, but it seemed a bit early in the year. Maybe they are scavenging for dead animals exposed by the melted snow.




The lake level is almost as low as its lowest point a few years ago. I understand some was drained last fall to make room for spring melt, and there wasn't any spring melt.




Our house out on the hill was sold effective May 1st, and we have been living at our place at the Park ever since. I know we are going to miss that place sometimes; I thought it was about as close to heaven as I am likely to get, but I'm not going to miss the yard maintenance. Gerald and Movita Johnston of Porcupine Plain are the new owners. I understand Movita loves gardening and is quite successful at it. I'll bet the place looks like a million in no time.




We made our move gradually, with help from our friends; Doreen insisted that every load had to be put away before we could bring another load, and the system worked. We had to get rid of a lot of furniture, of course, but family looked after most of that. This place is home now.



Victoria Day

The Park is in its after-Victoria Day resting mode now; Lilianne opened the Beach Café for Mothers' Day, Rose Steadman opened the Park Store for Victoria Day, and the Golf Course has been open since early in May. We were away for the long weekend, but understand it was cool and drizzly. Someone said we had an inch of rain and every bit of it soaked in immediately.




Fisherman's Cove has had a face lift the mini-golf has been cleaned up and painted, the laundry room rebuilt with new equipment, and the store re-vamped. The lattice partitions have been taken out of the dining room and I think I like it better.







We took an almost two-week tour, leaving the middle of May and visiting my sister and her husband in Winnipeg, old friends from my school days in Winnipeg at Hudson, Wisconsin, and Doreen's cousin in DeKalb, Illinois. We made about 4,500 kilometers, but took it easy and stopped often, even on the way home. Last time we visited Dorothy in Illinois, we just got there and got called home because my father was dying. This time, we had a very pleasant and relaxed visit.







Everyone we talked to in the US wanted to know how high our gas prices were; as near as we could tell, there isn't much difference, by the time the value of the dollar is considered. Prices there ran from a low of $1.73 to a high of $1.90 per gallon for unleaded, and that works out to about $.76 per litre. One thing that caught our attention: gas prices in the same town can very as much as 10¢ per gallon.

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