The Greenwater Report for November 5, 2001

Greenwater Provincial Park - Monday, November 5, 2001 - by: Jerry Crawford




November 4th, 2001: It is just like September! It was +3° when we got up this morning, with lots of sunshine and gentle winds. Maybe we put the boat away too soon?




We went to Saskatoon Friday to celebrate Doreenís sister, Lucilleís, birthday, and stayed over to take her to the Airport on Saturday. Seems to me that cityís has gone crazy in the past few years. Of course, two newest bridges that lead into heavily trafficked areas with traffic lights at every corner didnít help much. Itís hell trying to get anywhere in the north end or down Idylwyld between 3:30 and 6 almost every business day, but even Saturday, at about two pm, it must have taken us close to a half hour to get from Idylwyld to Warman Road on 42nd Street. That city needs two more bridges, one at the north and one at the south, that would take the heavy truck traffic around, instead of right through, the heart of the city. Heavy trucks donít function efficiently when there are traffic lights every block.




On our way home, we passed a small herd of mule deer, right at the Dahlton church. We didnít have much time to admire them; it was dark, and we were right beside them before we realized they were there. Luckily, they stayed put.




When we got home Saturday evening, the second section of the Coveís expansion, the motel, was sitting in the parking lot, still hooked up to the truck. I assume it got there on Friday, as they donít like to work on weekends. With a good forecast they shouldnít have any problem getting it onto its foundations and closed in. As it stands, it has eight large rooms, each with two queen or king-sized beds, and many of them with a kitchenette. When they finish joining the two buildings, there will be another suite. The basement for the motel section will be wood, and nine more units could be finished if necessary.


It has been a traveling week. Monday, we went to Prince Albert, returning home on Tuesday. Wednesday, I went to Tisdale for a meeting of the Parkland Photography Club. Friday, to Saskatoon and back Saturday, and on Sunday, Doreen went to an auction at Wadena. In all that traveling, we saw one or two flocks of Canada geese, but no white geese. I guess they must have headed south.



won $50

Albert and Lorraine Beaumont walked into the Cove last Monday morning, and Albert handed me a cheque for $50 ó I had won third prize with some raffle tickets I bought at the Perigord Fall Supper Sunday night. I wonder if itís time to buy a 649 ticket?



Just across the road from us I spotted a huge waspís nest (or hornetís, or whatever) hanging about twenty feet above the ground. It must have been a foot in diameter, and a foot and a half high. They look like such insubstantial things, but I couldnít see any sign of damage.

We finally have some birds coming to our feeders. They seemed to be boycotting us for the longest time; then some chickadees showed up, and it wasnít long before we had evening grosbeaks, pine siskins, blue jays, and red-breasted nuthatches. I suspect when the chickadees find something to eat they let the whole world know; they always seem to be the first at a feeder, and pretty soon the others show up.


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